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Advice on wet jelq technique

Advice on wet jelq technique

I have recently went from doing dry jelqing to wet jelqing because I have noticed a slight bit of conditioning with my dick. So I thought that maybe doing a different type of PEing would help. I’m looking more for girth gains but I wouldn’t mind some more length. With that in mind my question is, is it better to use a overhand or underhand grip for wet jelqing and is there any advice or experiences anyone has had with wet jelqing. The one thing that I have noticed is that with wet jelqing there is less inflation of the skin because of the sliding from the lube. Please give any advice you can thanks.

Well, I am a wet jelqer always have been. I recently switched to dry jelqing for something different. Lube up your cock and slide your base grip slowly up the shaft. Use the grip that is easiest for you.

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I would say underhand grip worked better for me. Always use as little lube as possible to let your stroke really last at leaast 3 seconds.

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I do mostly underhand but use over also and can’t jelq dry due to lack of interest from my penis:)

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My advice is to be consistent with the per jelq time.

That way you can adjust the amount of jelqs to suit you.

For example are 100 jelqs at 2 seconds each the same as 100 jelqs at 5 seconds each?

For me there is a big difference, 200 2 second jelqs work great for me, I tried increasing the time to 5 seconds for 200 jelqs, and actually caused pain.

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