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Advice on for my workout...

Advice on for my workout...

Hi, I’ve been reading this forum on a regular basis now for about 1 month and I gotta say this forum is great! Thanks Thunder.

I have been PE’ing for about 1 month and my routine consists of 3 on and 1 off.

5min hot wrap
10-15min manual stretch
10-15 min jelks

I am looking for length and girth so I was considering just focusing on length excercises for now and hold off on the jelking for later.

Question is should I just to length only excercises or do both length and girth excercises? If only length excercises what is the next best excercise besides manual stretching?

Thanks again,


The rouine you aare doing is fine. You will get some girth from the jelqing but I suggest you cntinue to do them. If you really want to gain length only you could do manual stretches alone or start hanging. But overall I’d stick to what you are doing keep the jelqs at 50% (then it is primarily a length exercise) over 70% erections the jelqing then becomes primarily a girth exercise (and more risky). What are your starting and 1 month stats?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I started out with BPEL: 5.5in & EG: 4.5in

after 1 month of PE’ing: BPEL: 5.75 & EG: 4.5in

Shooting for 7in BPEL & 5.5 EG

Thanks for the help guys


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