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Advice for Minimal Gains??????

Advice for Minimal Gains??????

I am about to wrap up month 5 of grueling PE work with only 3/8” in added length and .25” in added girth to show for it. I need a new detailed plan of attack. And so I ask, Link me to HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ADVANCED ROUTINES??? As most of the routines I’ve found are unsuitable for me; they are just too abbreviated (something my penis does not respond to).

… For reference my current regiment is as follows:

6-7 days a Week; 35min Jelqing/Bends(Clamped); 30min Hanging(shaft in bundled position) w/ Infra-Red Heat Source; PC work; Squeezes; Compressions; A-Stretches; extensive warm-ups

TOTAL WORK TIME: 1.30 hours


1.5hours of Bundled Hanging (Infra-Red Heat Source Included) w/
30min of Clamped Jelqing/Bends.


Gains don’t come easy for most people your most likely a slow gainer hopefully a slow and steady gainer. If I was you I would put your effort into length or girth not both at the same time if you pick girth stick with a jelq/squeeze/clamp routine but cut it down to 5 days a week. If you decide to go for length try to get at least 10 plus hour a week hanging with only a little jelqing for health. I would also take a few days off before starting it sounds like you been working it pretty hard.

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This one is my favorite called Girth Blasters. It’s kind of like clamped jelqing only the clamps are your hands and they are dynamic instead of static:

Girth Blasters New Jelq Technique

brock, your 3/8” in added length and .25” in girth in five months puts you at almost an inch per year, not all that bad when you consider where you will be in just a couple of years. This is a long term committment but the end results are worth it. Also, there are many members here that would do the unthinkable for .25 in girth gains in five months. Be patient and know that PE is working for you.

I would take Dino’s advice about focusing on length if you are looking for length gains. It has been said that girth makes it more difficult to add length, so slow down on the girth work and focus on stretching and hanging until you get close to your target length.

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I think more girth means you need more force to get the same effective workout, which would support a length only strategy if starting out with sensitive tissues in order to keep the hanging weight down. I find that gaining girth costs a little length and vise versa, suggesting that some re-alignment is going on. It might be worth overshooting the first length goal before chasing girth, then overshoot that a little before switching back to length.

Personally I’m aiming for another 1/2” length before I even think about girth, then I’ll do a short routine on my (by then) deconditioned lateral tunica while letting the length fibres take a break. That way you can always be deconditioning and always training.

Brock. Hey thats what my first name is. Are you from Pennsylvania?. I have taken a break from pe, and i plan to be getting back to it soon.

slim pee p

Why not switch to a maintenance only routine and take some time off if your sick of it, you may find this is for the best in the long run anyway

Personally, I don’t think those gains are minimal at all.I think you are doing too much work each session myself, over training, to use a bodybuilding term.The suggestions to work length only for a while are solid.I would also cut the routine back to 45min to 1 hour, 5 days per week max.Even before that, I’d suggest 2-4 weeks off from PE.I always gain best when returning from a break.

Brock - let me be the first to congratulate you on those gains. Both of those advances are cause for celebration.

Keep a positive attitude, friend. There are some guys who would kick a nun’s ass for your gains. No kidding.

Good going - as for advice: Keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll probably keep getting what you’re getting.

I think those are excellent gains.

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