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Hey all,

I reckon this is not the right forum, but I do not know which might be right. Anyway, I am getting lots of advertisement of a product called Orexen or something like that. The advertisement says it is for better love enhancement. I am not interested in such products at all. The point is, the advertisemnet only appears when I am visiting our great forum. So there must be a relationship. This advertisement annoys me. What can I do and does it appear to some of you as well?

Is this advertisement in e-mail, a pop-up, or what? I did a Google search for “Orexen” and found nothing related to love enhancement.

“So there must be a relationship”


It has nothing to do with this forum legally. Try downloading and running Spybot or Adaware and see if the problem doesn’t go away. If it doesn’t, let us know and one of the comp gurus may have further advice to help you get rid of it.

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You have spyware on your computer that’s spamming you no one else get’s this pop up

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Thank you for your answers. I will download the programms.

Sorry, I hope the question is not too annoying. But how does this spyware work? Is there a company watching which sites I visited and making a kind of profile of me. That is scary! By the way the product is called orexis. Pop-up still shows up! Will download the programm just right now!

Interesting information. Nice not just to learn how to enlarge your penis. I also learn where these wired mails and pop-ups do come from. Thank you westla.

Thanks for the lead on spyware. I took your advice and downloaded SpywareBegone ($39.95) after using their free scanware and discovering I had 14 infections, all of which circumvented Norton Antivirus and my firewall. I couldn’t tell who had placed these things on my PC (would like to avoid the sites that did it), but am glad to be rid of any snooping software.


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