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Adult friend finder and insights into female size preference

Oh, Lol I forgot to add she said that who also that she would call him sometimes and ask him why he isn’t here with her and I quote ” Didn’t you hear my PUSSY calling you? “. Remember this is the same girl that said he hurts her every time on enter.

Take that as you may, how much of us every get that kind of call.

Originally Posted by thethickone
I’ve had the complete opposite and even my GF will comment my jeans are too tight as she gets jealous that other women can see my package so clearly.

Agreed. Though I don’t wear tight jeans, they just fit well, it’s all too obvious a lot of women look, but a lot don’t look either.

However, I get even more looks when I’m dressed up better, such as in nice khaki pants and a good shirt and shoes, with less obvious fillment in the croutch (and even though it’s tellable to a lesser degree I’ve noticed it is still looked at also but just from time to time). So it indicates to me a well dressed guy is a higher appeal factor than a bulged guy. Even though dressing well outranks a good flaccid, that to me doesn’t mean dressing well outranks or equals an extra thick extra length dick when in bed, although I can go along with dressing well carries over into the bed and has value towards how much she will enjoy the sex since women have a strong emotional bridge. So, many factors affect how a woman feels towards a guy in the bedroom, but that doesn’t exclude penis size. I don’t believe a 1% value score is accurate for women overall. I think that’s as inaccurate as guys thinking penis size is 99% value for good sex. It’s bound to be higher than 1% in general(for most women)and it’s bound to be less than 99% (even for size queens). I think women rate penis size all along a scale, from 1% to almost as high as sizequeens do, and everywhere inbetween, depending on which woman were to rate it for value at showtime in the bedroom. Relationship factors other than penis size count heavily for a good relationship, but in the bedroom penis size has a more direct input and therefore increased value at that moment, though the spillover of the other factors can’t be denied of course.

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biggest of all primates

Originally Posted by sparkyx
How do you know that penis size HASN’T been increasing through the eons through selective breeding?

If I remember correctly, humans have the largest penis to bodysize ratio of all the primates. Maybe females HAVE been slowly increasing penis size!

actually you are correct but the reason is the way human women are constructed. humans are much like aquatic mamals in many ways .(i actually read an interesting theory about our upright stance that talked about this) we insulate through blubber not hair. human females do not put out chemical trails when they are ovulating like land mamals. (chemical trails don’t work if you are a water mamel as the water just diutes it and wisks it away.)

the human female sex organ is more internal than other primates, like water mamals. this means our tallywackers have to be longer to reach. it’s proportunate. nature has a way of working like that. it has nothing what so ever to do with selective breeding. in fact, the romans considered an overly large penis to be ugly and brutish.not all cultures had size hang ups. it is also not an evolution of the missionary pose. only christian society has spent centuries stuck on that one. everyone else likes veriety. we are actually designed to do it from behind. that is why it’s easier to hit the g-spot from behind than from the front… but if you were to screw a chimp she’d be really impressed even if you were average.

it’s kind of like horses. they have huge cocks. no doubt about it, but for their size and the way a female horse is built inside, they have enough for the job. to honestly compare men to stallions is like comparing apples to oranges, unless your catherine the great of coure. the same goes for comparing us to other primates.

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Well I hate to break it to you (the original poster) but most of the female profiles on AFF are fake. They are set up by the site operators so it looks like there’s more women there than they really are to get guys to pay for it. This is widely known and it’s gone on for years, so I wouldn’t put much trust in any data you got from there.

Originally Posted by zaneblue
Well that doesn’t let you off the hook! :D Look up Twatteaser’s threads here for working that 50%. And the Johnny Depp thing is in full force in the movie Don Juan di Marco. And get handy with your tongue and fingers—give her a clitoral orgasm! Only half of women can have orgasms from a man’s penis during sex, no matter what his size—almost all women can have clitoral orgasms. And make sure to smell nice; keep your body fit to make good pheromones.

actually those stats are accurate but if you hear the average guy talk about sex or watch some real amature porn you see that most guys suck at screwing. my first girlfriend thought it was impossable for her to have an orgasm with a man in any way. she’d been with 5 other guys before me. i worked hard and actually cared about her pleasure. i was able to give her an orgasm with fingers first, then i was able to give her one with my mouth, finally i succeeded in giving her orgasms with mr happy. to my knowledge- we are still friends although i left her after 10 years- she hasn’t had the orgasm with a man since.

the truth is, i think all women can have orgasms during sex if you know how to push their buttons. every woman likes a different thing and you have to pay attention to the little involuntary reactions that can’t be faked to see if you are doing it right for the woman you are with. you can’t use the exact same techniques exactly the same with every woman.they are all different but give her numerous orgasms with finger and mouth before you stick it in and learn good technique for after you stick it in and you can please them. some women do hae mental blocks which take special care to overcome.there are some rare women have a physical flaw which makes intercourse orgasms impossable but that is very rare.

most guys just don’t focus on performance that much. for most guys sex is all about their own orgasm, if they have a good time they figure they must be doing it, i don’t think those statistics mean much when it cums to a woman’s ability to cum. men just like to excuse their own inability by blaming it on the woman. i’ve never had sex with a woman i couldn’t make cum. if you get them rolling before sex and keep it up during , your in like flynn.

My two bits.

Ok, I’m not huge, but distinctly bigger than average. I’ve been 7 3/4” x 5 1/4”—since about 15 up to when I started PE. I’m substantially older than that now, and I’ve screwed about 25 women, so I have some experience. What I’ve found as a generality is this.

The girl’s I was with definitely noticed the length.

I’ve had realized the male fantasy of hearing the young girl say: “You’re really big”; The older woman say “oh.. You’re so deep”; and, my personal favourite, the head cheer leader say as I was giving her the full monty: “oh that cock.. That cock.”

I’ve also remember a lot of those 25 women keeping one (or both) hands between us, down by my hips, as if to be able to keep me from going in all the way.

My observations:
- With even 7 3/4” and deep thrusting I bottom out in over half the women, and *most* don’t like it unless it’s really gentle.
- If you step over the line and hurt them then, despite some guy’s opinions on this board, pleasure is replaced by apprehension and you’re losing ground.
- A very very few girls really, really, really liked the bigger cock from a visual point of view and were visibly turned on by it’s size.
- Word does get around.. If one girl says you’re big, it gets around.
- Even it it does get around, so many things trump cock size every time: personality, humour, cleanliness.

So get that big cock if it pleases you (and her), but don’t think it’s going to be an asset in every way.


Nov 2006 bpel: 7.88 eg: 5.19

Mar 2007 bpel: 8.25 eg 5.38

Shooting for 9 x 6 Ddog.

Originally Posted by zaneblue
I’d say that 50% of a woman’s sexual response is dependent on a man’s personality, in particular how dominant and masculine he is. 20% on foreplay skills, 10% on muscles/handsomeness/grooming, 10% on eye contact and responsiveness, 5% on aroma, 2% on erection hardness, 2% on erection duration, and 1% on penis size.

To rephrase—it’s always the artificial choice of “with all things being equal.” But men are never equal. Johnny Depp, who’s not exactly hung from what I hear, I guarantee you could get more orgasms out of a woman than any man packing a nine-incher, unless the woman was crazy in love with him.

%50 for dominance and masculinity, fair enough. The thing is, PE is one of the most macho things a man can do. It makes a man feel masculine and strong. I can tell that from my own experience.

Jelqs , stretches, clamps and especially edging adds a lot to a man’s qualities.

And I just love it when women mention those movie stars :) What all you girls don’t get is that you are seeing a person not in real life, but through TVs. And they are acting. How would it actually be if you were in a relationship with that person?
May not be what you expect.

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

Originally Posted by ddogusterion
I’ve also remember a lot of those 25 women keeping one (or both) hands between us, down by my hips, as if to be able to keep me from going in all the way.

Hi folks,

My wife did this recently for the first time that I can ever remember. I wondered what the hell she was trying to do, but it was pretty enjoyable none the less<gg>.

I’ve just shaded 7” x 5.5” on a good day, and may not go much further if it results in you getting pushed away.

What a problem to have though, eh?

I don’t sleep around, so this is just better sex with the same person because I have a bigger dick than when we got married!

Interestingly, we used to do a LOT of foreplay before penetration. Now, she seems much more interested in getting to the penetration.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
Wad, nice to see you posting again :) I hope you and the kids are doing well.

I definitely think from my experiences that a big cock (within reason… I’m not talking 10x8) is usually enjoyed more by women than smaller cocks….

Thanks. We’re doing well. I agree with your assessment, also about the ridiculously large cocks not being desirable.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
Some guys, though, like Wad, have grown their penises a ton through PE and have seen women’s sexual responses gradually change over time….I know that I was amazed when my partner at the time noticed my first 0.5” length gain through PE. Of course I denied doing anything to my penis (: , but she couldn’t stop raving about how I was hitting new spots in her I’d never reached before and she was certain I must have grown….

Yeah, I’ve had the somewhat-rare experience of sleeping with the same woman throughout my PE journey. I’ve written about this extensively before, so I won’t rehash everything. Let it suffice to say that she had my wang when it was a mere 13.17 ci, all the way up to about 25 ci. She absolutely preferred it “bigger.” She not only wanted sex more, she actually initiated sex about 60% of the time (this was unheard-of in the past, when she’d initiate maybe 5% of the time). My tool is 27+ now, but I have no poontang. Oh well.

And, like you, I NEVER let on about PE. Eventually, of course, she started commenting - and I came up with numerous excuses (weight loss, got my high bp under control, better erections, etc.).

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

….The biggest downside to having a large cock is you*must* engage in plenty of foreplay every single time with most women if you don’t want to tear up their insides, so quickies become pretty much impossible. Blow-jobs are also typically pretty pathetic with 6” girth or greater, in my experience, and most women won’t let you near their asses.

That’s absolutely true: no “quickies” with a “biggie.” Regarding head, my glans isn’t “huge,” so they’re not excessively pathetic - but not as good as before (when I had less to gag on).

Originally Posted by redbaronjm
Take this from me I spoke to a girl this morning, we were talking about somethings and some where along the road sex came up, she was telling me about one of her ex’s and what she said totally amazed me when she told me that he had one of the biggest penis she had ever come across and how it hurt her ever time he enter her so I expected her to say that she hated penis that are too big guess what she said no, it was the only time in a relationship were she was welling to put up with his bullshit just because she ENJOYED the feeling of getting FILLED by his cock. After she said that to me I went into the restroom(I was at work) and started some manual stretching cause I want to reach that level.

Trust me having a fat big cock makes a world of difference in a relationship and if your cock is big enough to cause pain all the better. Trust me the world is messed up I’ve a 7.8 * 5.5 and I won’ stop PEing until I get a “MY PERFECT” 9*6.5 COCK

Do you people now see? Flame me if you want but I am just pointing it out cuz it goes kind of unnoticed around here and I think that there should be some sort of protocol for dealing with it.

Originally Posted by 46and2
Do you people now see? Flame me if you want but I am just pointing it out cuz it goes kind of unnoticed around here and I think that there should be some sort of protocol for dealing with it.

Dude, that was another thread where you made your “obsessing” comment…most guys here have no idea what you are referring to!

Besides what do you expect on a “penis enlargement” forum? Why would you even be here unless you have at least enough of an obsession to practice PE? PE by its very nature requires you to focus on your dick enough to make changes on it.


Can you please tell me what you want to point out.

Don’t mistake “commitment” and “concern” with “obsession”.


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