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ADS whats the best direction to pull ?

ADS whats the best direction to pull ?

Hello everyone,

I have been using an ads on and off and was wondering what is the best direction to pull? I havent really herd anyone say one direction is better than another. I have been attaching it to a soft knee brace. But what about pulling up, or sideways (like around the waist) Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Cammie, I ADS around the waist to keep the tension on the tunica because I stretch at higher angles to work the tunica. I’d say that sticking with whatever angle you work with is your best bet. If you’re working SD or BTC then I’d say ADS to the knee.

When you use ADS, do you stretch at maximum your dick can be or just stretch? I read somewhere that you must stretch 105% longer than “normal”, normal means FL or FSL? How do walk when you ADS to the knee, I tried once, and it’s weird to walk and when I sit down, it’s not strecthed.

When I sit down I have to move the strap from my nkew to my shin. I also find that when I sit I need to have my leg angled straight out so I facilitate a stretch.

meiya777, I’m not sure what the % would be. I use a piece of elastic strap about 3/4” wide with an S hook on the end, that attaches to the soft knee brace. So you get different amounts of force when you sit, stand, walk, ect but it always stays at about 1-2lbs of force.

I think in the future it may be worth finding out if their is a direction that works better or would it be better to stretch in all possible angles ?

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