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ADS weights?

ADS weights?

I’m sure some of you have tried the golf club weight ADS before. I’ve strapped two on and worn it for hours and really got a good stretch. The one problem is that its WAY to visible under dress slacks, which is my required work attire.

So I was thinking that if I could find some thin, heavy strips of metal or some other weighting method, I could continue this. I’m aware of other methods, like the peg leg stretcher, but I’m looking for suggestions for weights.



What about that P.U.D. device that is used for foreskin restoration. Im sure you could attach it to your penis with some kind of velcro strap attached to it its about as big around as a dick and about almost a pound

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I put this out before, but here’s my superfly ADS: I take about 15 steel rings and stack them from the base to about 1/2 inch behind the glans. Then, I use an ace bandage to wrap up the last 1/2 inch, and use the left over bandage to wrap around the rings. This has two benefits: First, the rings keep the wrap from squeezing the rod, and thus doesnt threaten girth. Also, the rings themselves besides acting as a stretcher, ad a bit of weight/hanging. Ive worn it to work, and even running. Although, it usually decides to slip off at about the 4.5 mile mark. Fine for the track, not so good on a treadmill in a gym. Anyway, you cant really notice it.

I’ve been jogging also with golf weights. Your idea sounds lass traumatic to the old balls. Where can I buy these metal rings and in what diameter do they come. I have a 2” stainless steel cock ring I paid nearly 10 bucks for at an adult bookstore. It looks like something Home Depot would carry; only I don’t know of any other uses for a 2” SS ring other than to put it on your dick. Might be used somehow for fencing? Any ideas?


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Try vent stack lead flashing for 2”ID pipe available at plumbing supply for $5. Lead is much denser than iron so smaller for same weight. You may want to use more than one thickness for desired weight. Finish it off by dipping in plastic so that lead does not come in contact with skin. Ace Hardware has the plastic dip. The lead cuts easily with scissors.

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The rings are indeed at home depot, and at lowes, etc. They come in all sizes, 1.25, 1.5, 2.0, etc. and are in the section with all the hooks and chains. I suppose you could use them to hang plants, or whatever. The cost is a whopping 2.30 for a package of 2.

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