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ADS users please read


ADS users please read

I would be delighted to know if anyone wears an ADS all day (10-12 hrs). I would very much like to hear how many months/weeks have you been using one consistently. Feel free to include any other info.

The reason for being nosey is I have a very difficult time using one consistently. Here is a list of the reasons I’m not having good luck.

- lack of circulation
- skin irritation

The ADS I have tried that did not limit circulation, damn sure caused skin irritation. I’m just skeptical of anyone using one all day and for any length of weeks, that’s all. If there are any of you that ARE consistent with these I would damn sure like to hear form you.
Thanks for time,

I have the same problem with skin irritation.

I have worn mine for 12+ in a day, the next day,

my unit will hurt pretty good. I also have

trouble with mine cutting off circulation.

I use the JES. I should have saved 700 bucks

and bought a BIB starter. O’well, first steps

on a long journey ahead.

I have got gains from it, exerscises

and hanging. I use the ADS the most, but I

doubt it’s the most effective. Does help

to keep a strech going after hanging for the day.

I use mine for about 6 hours a day at ~2.3 pounds

Originally Posted by UlcasterDropout

I use the JES. I should have saved 700 bucks

and bought a BIB starter.


Originally Posted by Andrew69


Really what?

You spent $700 on a JES extender?

Is that what they cost?

I just got the TLC Tugger yesterday. I used it for about 4 hours after I was done hanging. Easy to use, kept a good stretch, no irritation at all, and this morning I tripped over my dick when I got up.

Just kidding about the last.

Larry, I tried the tugger also, problem with it is I think I might need the larger cone. Overall the tugger seems very nice,but it also was brutal to the skin that was in the cone.


UlcasterDropout, 6 hrs a day is not bad at all with a ADS.

I have already ordered the larger cone. Great minds must think alike. I’ve been wearing it now for about 4 hours after my heavy hang session this morning and no problem. I’ve got it positioned such that my dick is being stretched upward, which is new for me and I sure can feel it in the ligs in the base.

How long were you wearing it when you noticed skin problems? This guys whole idea is for foreskin restoration. It wouldn’t do to finally get some foreskin back and have your glans destroyed.

I got the TLC tugger as well and still have not used it. I got both cones as well to be sure. I am still waiting to use mine for now, it seems strange. Keep posting good things about it so I will give it a go. Oh yea I got a Penimaster a long time ago now and it seemed to work great but then after appx 100 hours head numbness so no more with that for now. I must say flaccid hang was GREAT while using it though.

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

First, every time I see that avatar, cripes, it’s like “Honey, got a minute?”

I had a early Penismaster(?). The way your head was held in place was with a heavy piece of rubber tubing placed behind the corona. I think it was developed in an Iraqi torture room. I was “You gotta be kidding!”, NFW, gave it a number of tries and was scared when I’d look at my cock upon removal. Parked that baby in my PE drawer. Than I saw they had come up with a wider band that straps your dick in and gave that a shot. A little better but still painful after a bit.

One of the prerequisites for an ADS, IMO, is that it should be comfortable and allow you to wear it for hours at a clip. So far the Tugger seems to fill that bill. I had to remove it after about 5 hours today as I was getting quite a stretch on my foreskin, but the ligs were definitely on board.

After I have dropped down to 10 lbs. from a daily starting weight of 20 lbs, I quit using the BIB and hang doing the following. I take one of my cloth wraps(1 1/2”x15”) and wrap around the base of my dick, tight but not choking tight, maybe 4 or 5 times. I than take another cloth wrap and over lap it over the base wrapping, up one side of my shaft and down the other, again overlapping it with the base wrap. I than take a strip of therawrap and wrap that over the base and shaft wraps, tight. I tape the end of the therawrap to hold it, insert an S hook in the end of the piece of cloth that goes up and over my shaft and can hang effortlessly for hours. The only limiting factor for me is lig fatigue which requires a drop in poundage.

This also gives me a mini-uli effect. The head swells nicely, but remains pink and warm.

Larry, it was fine as far as my head was concerned. The skin irritaion was from the skin that goes into the cone, that is why I think I need the larger cone. I would be able to get more skin in the cone and it would hold better I think, Is that how it worked out for you?



I see what you mean. I have 11 hours in it so far and no irratation. Just for grins I hung 5 lbs and it held, but anymore than that and it started to come off. I’m guessing the tension that I had with the elastic straps was ~3 lbs.

I wear the Wench as an ADS many times for 6-8 hours a day. The Pirate does also. It may not be exactly the home brew Wench that was introduced here but it is still a Wench, just more professionally made. I have no skin irritation and the fit feels pretty good. I wear it both Peg Leg style and ATT (around the thigh), both work pretty good for me. The ATT works well because I wear shorts to my office every day here in FL. CaptnHook made me a new Wench recently that I wore Peg Leg today after I pumped and it felt damn good. We will see how it goes for the next few days.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Larry, i’m just about convinced to go ahead and try the larger cone, it sounds like it helped you for sure.

789, very good report. 6-8 hrs a day is damn good,let us know if you can do it a week or more.


I’ve found the change-up between 3 different attachment devices and a suspender strap ATT or peg leg gives the best hour after hour comfortable pull. I find that I have to loosen up the suspender after two hours because of my tunica is just burning from the steady tug. The attachment to my shaft above the head is fine. I do monitor the temp of my head constantly to check that it doesn’t go cold or numb. The question I post for you is that with this burn should come growth given that it is kept long to stay long during the healing? I’ve yet to get great length results from anything. This unit it tuff tuff tuff. The only ONLY thing I’ve found to wreck the tunica is the ads. Lastly I can wear the suspender all day given that once or twice I redo the attachment.

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