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ADS Injuries?

ADS Injuries?

I’ve been a member for some time now, and in my research here at thunders I can’t say I’ve ever heard of anyone hurting themselves by any ADS.

I’m currently wrapping and using Monty’s PE weights—I just wanted to find out if it was possible to hurt yourself this way.

I mean, theoretically the only thing you might do is cut off circulation and cause tissue/nerve damage. Theoretically.

Has this ever <u>actually</u> happened? Has anyone ever hurt themselves with an ADS?

I guess you could consider desensitization an injury. Anything else?

Thanks all!

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Yes Criot,

It definitely is if you leave your ADS on for too long. I was used golf weights and somehow they really irritated my right testicle. It’s been 5 months since it started bothering me and I stopped PEing; yet I still have a bothersome and dull pain there at times.

Good Luck.

What is to long? Can you be specific?

I don’t know why it would be necessary for any time except the 2-3 hours after PE, but if you insist on wearing one all day just make sure you have blood flow in your glans and that you take it off every few hours for an hour just to let the skin breathe.

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Strangely, I’ve gotten a mild donut effect from ADS. ADS is certainly a premier method for lengthening one’s penis, and it is generally safe. However, there is a range of potential danger associated with it. Don’t ever assume something that stretches your penis for hours at a time is completely and totally safe. What makes it safe is combining it with the use of common sense and good intuition. If you don’t have those things in mind, you’re going to get injured no matter what you do in life.


If your wrap is correct and I mean by that the wrap is holding things up but not strangling your glan then you can go hours without a problem. If the wrap is incorrect your going to know it in a relatively short time. Your glan will begin to ache and it will swell and become a dark blue or purple. All that is necessary in that event is to unwrap and then re-wrap slightly looser. Your glan may become cool to the touch and darker then normal but it won’t have any detrimental consequences.

Any time you feel discomfort is the time to remove an ADS or any other device. I have found that when I have wrapped too tight that with the first signs of discomfort I re-wrap because the condition will never get better. Re-wrap as soon as possible and adjust the tightness so your not cutting off all circulation. Once you get onto the wrap technique hours of wear time is normal.

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Another thing I should mention is that the area which rests against my testicles rubs them raw from time to time. This is a pretty serious pain in the butt, but I’m working on figuring out a creative solution.


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