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Addicted! Love PE, but my routine is confused

Addicted! Love PE, but my routine is confused

3 min hot wrap
20 min manual stretches
20 mins jelquing
10 mins ulis
10 mins horse squeezes
3 mins hot wrap.

Over last two weeks or so, my PE sessions have been lastin for about 2-3 hours! the stretching is becoming a huge part of my routine.

10mins hot air gun (I guess a hairdryer would do fine)
15mins sat on dick BTC (I forgot the name for now)
30-45mins AI stretch
30-45mins full stretches held for a minute at a time
10 min warm down

I’m presently 7” bpel 5”eg ; 8” nbp 6”eg would be ideal; 7.5” nbp would be acceptable….I don’t think the wife would kick me outta bed ;) I’m also wanting to increase the girth at the base most, head least, and base somewhere in between.

I know this is long-winded but, which route would you say is best to reach my goal? How can I improve?

Thanks for your time



> I’m also wanting to increase the girth at the base most, head
> least, and SHAFT somewhere in between.

correction to above in CAPS


About stretching

hmm… I looks to me that you’re doing a little too much, but you probably know your limitations better. I wouldn’t mix static-and AI stretching together, because I think it is either or nothing. You see, the kick-back reflection starts in about 3 seconds when you’ve started stretching. So there’s some friction between static- and AI. Maybe you should divide stretching up to two different seasons - 2 or 4 weeks static and then switch to AI-stretching. You will then notice which one suits you better. And what comes to AI-stretching I wouldn’t recommend doing it for so long. Maybe 2 to 3 times a day 3*15 set would be better than doing 30 minutes straight… Don’t obey me, but take these facts into consideration ;)

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