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ACE Bandage Wrapping All Day

ACE Bandage Wrapping All Day

Wow I just discovered an amazing PE technique that is awesome for flaccid size. Wrapping your cock and balls lightly (not tight at all) with an ACE bandage. Just enough to cause a little restriction, minimal, and it does wonders for your flaccid size. Keeps your unit just in healthier state all day. More bloodflow, more random hard-ons, fatter, nice pink color, etc.

Anyone else do this? Really pleased with the results after only 1 day. I’m stopping by the store today to get more ACE bandages, lol.

Its the same idea as using the TheraP wrist wrap, theres a huge thread on that somewhere.

The otherwhelming consensus is that the gains will only last as long as you keep wearing it, once you stop for a few days, you’ll be back to normal.

I dont agree with your statements of it “keeps your penis in a healthier state” though, and I cant see how it would lead to more random hard ons throughtout the day. Sounds like a placebo effect to me.

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Anyone else have any experience with this?

Even if it might seem so, that practice does not certainly encourage the blood flow. Actually, by tightening the external veins, which take blood back to lungs to get oxygen, it limits its out flow, but not the in flow from arteries, therefore inducing a swelling due to the arterial pressure. I presume this cause a reduction in the blood and oxygen flow and a stagnation of blood in the penis. I am afraid that this practice is potentially very dangerous for fertility, thrombosis, aneurism and so on.

Be careful

Wadzilla tried this for a decently long time (month or so) to try to get gains flaccid or otherwise, and he said after like a day of not doing it, all “gains” were lost. I think he attributed the temporary gains to lymph fluid.

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I hate you all.


Quick, somebody get the dog. He’s got d_sut’s meds and by the looks of it d_sut needs them…..

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d_sut hates wrapping. I spent the early hours of New years eve in fucking Spotlight (faggoty old LINEN, that’s right a LINEN SUPERSTORE- the most exciting place in the fucking world to be on a new years eve btw) searching for nice Velcro straps or anything I could find useful; yeah, I thought I could get the jump on some of you fuckers and find some hi-tech shit that only a “LINEN SUPERSTORE” would have, but in the end found out that everything I bought cut off circulation to my cock, and well seeing as I don’t turtle anymore felt it was more trouble than it was worth.

That’s my story. But seriously, anyone ever been to Spotlight in search of PE stuff? I swear to you, the place is just full of wool and yarn and gay fucking knitting stuff. Old people come with this territory. Just reiterating; shit waste of a New years eve morning that could have been wasted on the booze.


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