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Accurate way to measure curved penis?

Accurate way to measure curved penis?

I have a mild upward curve. What’s the best way to measure it? I find that I get the longest measurement by getting 80% hard. Anything more than that I get 1/4” “shorter”.

Try using a piece of string laid along the top of your penis.Push it back as far as you can against your pubic bone,then just let it follow the contour of your penis.Mark the end where it reaches the tip of your glans,then measure the string from the end to your mark.Should give a pretty accurate measurement.

Or just get a measuring tape used by clothiers of any kind.
Works beautifully on my downward curve..

IOW (in other words.. The forum doesn’t have this one.. Why?):
BPEL (tape measurement): 7.6”
BPEL (fixed ruler measurement): 7”

That’s more than half an inch ;)


I asked the same question here:

Measuring the curved penis?

Inside a woman, our penis straightens out. Some suggested straightening it out with our hands then measuring, others said use a string and measure along the curve. If it’s just to track gains, I would say do both like Slack said in my thread. If it’s to tell someone how big you are, go with whichever they’ll endup using in case they want proof.

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I don’t know about you, but when my dick is really erect (as for measuring) I _can’t_ straighten it out.
It’s a little shorter while absolutely (100%) erect compared to ..say.. 90%.
Needless to say 100%+ erections are usually bigger, even up to the point of being painfully erect (usually with a little more length than 100%), but that’s not really a way to accurately measure BPEL IMO.
Dunno about the straightening out in the act.. Can’t really see it there ;)
Maybe the body adapts to get in as much as it can, thus weakening the erection (slightly) so your unit is more bendable ;) .. No clue really.

On a sidenote:
It never ceases to amaze me how people can get BPFSL measurements.
When I’m doing a good stretch I can’t possibly measure my dick (due to the hands being in the way).. Any ideas?



I have the same problem as you and the way I get around it is to use a thin stainless steel ruler that I can bend to follow the curve. The edges can be pretty sharp when jabbing it into the fat pad so I use a couple of folds of my wrapping material as a cushion. Just enough so the ruler doesn’t cut me but not enough to affect my measurement.

I’m not so sure about the penis straightening out inside a woman. I think it’s more that the vagina molds itself around it so what she feels is the full length of the arc and not the straight line point A to point B length. I suppose it’s also possible that a curved penis feels thicker to a woman as in my crappy diagram. Maybe some of the female members can weigh in.

Crappy diagram

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