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Accidental Foreskin Restoration


I’ve been circumsized since a baby. From what I recal the skin used to be pretty tight when I was erect. Now after 3 years of off and on again PE efforts, I can pull the skin on my shaft completely over my glans when erect. I dont consider it a bad thing. In fact I and my girlfriend like the way it looks. Not to mention the fact I can jack off without any lube, the skin moving back and forth over the glans is enough.


I’m willing to bet that you don’t have that much shaft skin. When you do PE, the skin around the base of your penis becomes less firmly attached to your body. If you were to hold your hand around your penis at the base, keeping that in place, I think you’ll find that your skin will not go over the glans very much if at all when erect.

Personally, I like the stretched skin. I must have been butchered when I was a baby because when I’m completely flacid, there was no skin wrinkles or overlap. Now I’m starting to see some overlap just below the glans. It makes it look better, like its got alot of growth when hard!

Foreskin -- It's Where Its At!

I have read through this thread with amazment. Having spent two years accomplishing non-surgical foreskin restoration on my beautiful 15cm greek statue phallus and now embarking on PE routines to moderately improve the length and girth of my magic wand, I just want to say that I wouldn’t want to have a circumcised penis. After experiencing what my (restored) uncut penis feels like, I want to keep it that way. It is far more sensitive on the head and under the foreskin than it ever was when the skin stayed bunched up behind the head in those ugly wrinkles. And sex partners have often expressed their delight when they discover that I have my foreskin.

My goal with PE is to have 18cm length and 12cm girth at the base with a slight taper from base to corona and then a large mushroom head on the end when I’m fully erect. Since average penis length is estimated by most studies to be in the 15cm range and average girth is estimated at 12cm, my goal should place me above average but not abnormal.



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