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About BP and NBP

About BP and NBP

From what I gather, the average dick size seems to be about 6 inches - or at the least, let’s assume from the surveys. However… when you see your actual dick, you’d obviously have to substract about .5 to 1 inches (this is an estimate) due to the fat padding.

Just a thought… because at 4.5 NBEL/a little over 5BPEL, I’d still feel a little inadequate if I were able to hit 6 inches… because I’m still only going to see 5.5 inches of my dick.

But wouldn’t 5.5 or so inches of the dick really be the true average of what you’re really seeing? If that’s true, it just kinda seems weird… lol… because it seems rather small. I’d kill right now to hit 5.5 NBPEL, but it sucks knowing that at 4.5 NBPEL… if I were to gain an inch, what I can see of my dick would still be short of the average dick size in surveys of 6 inches.

Am I just being too self-conscious, or would I be average at 5.5 NBPEL?

Forget the surveys and get to work! LOL

I may be taking your statements wrong but it sounds as if you reach 6 inches then your not going to be satisfied with your gains.

Realistically speaking, starting out at 4.5 or 7.5, a 1.5 increase by anyone is very outstanding.

Time + effort = gains

CURRENT 04/11/2007 7.5 EBP X 5.25 EG Mid Shaft, 6.5 NBPEL!

GOAL 05/30/2008 8.5 EBP X 6.00 EG Mid Shaft, 7.5 NBPEL!

Try not to get caught up with numbers and surveys. Just do PE and see the gains that follow. You can’t change what you started with. In 1-2 years from now you will be huge!

Originally Posted by rk866
Am I just being too self-conscious, or would I be average at 5.5 NBPEL?

You would be perfectly average and headed for huge.

A friend of mine thinks the average is 5.5”. I trust her opinion so much more than anyone elses because her perception of size is realistic. You of course have to trust me on that.

The 5.5” is NBPEL, btw.


You would be perfectly good in her book at 5.5”. With enough work you can get there, and much further.

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Whatever your starting point, start working at PE now.

I am thrilled with my progress and I only do it 10 to 15 minutes a day, four to five days a week. In about a year I gained a little more than 1 full inch of erect length!

Slow and steady! One year goes by fast!

I wish I had starting photos to share. But I never took any in the beginning and honestly wasn’t sure PE would work. But I do remember measuring at my desk (the same place I always measure) with the same wooden ruler, bone pressed to the max.

I also remember doing it more than once to make sure I was seeing things correctly. I was on the low side of average and disappointed. Now I am slightly above average! Yippee.

I think everyone can do PE and get results!

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

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