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Ab factor in gain loss

Ab factor in gain loss

Recently, I layed of P.E. and other exercise entirely for a while due to a very busy schedule and a nasty, lingering cold. During that period of time and afterward I measured erection and had gone from 6 1/2 down to 6. Bpel had gone down, too. Before starting PE again, I got back into “other body” exercises, especially lower abs and within two or three days, was back up to 6 1/2 inches! Granted, there are other possible factors to account for this phenomena, but the more I think about it, the more erectile variabilty seems tied in with ab conditioning. I’ve seen in some literature the conections of the ligs (fundiform) are tied into the rectus abdominus to some degree. I wonder if toning/tensing the abs actually creates a slight anatomical shift were the ligs pull up and out more on the penis. Also possible that the known pelvic shift that occurs with ab work (the kind that alleviates some lower back pain) allows more penis to move out of the body. If the pelvis tilts, along with it must go the deeper tendons and ligaments that attach to the penis and musculature. Anyone notice this for themselves? I recall seeing 403’s post on gain loss and was wondering if he found any other correlation than just not PEing for a while. groa


Could it be mismeasurement? I know you haven’t been off that long, and half an inch seems a lot. There could be some truth in what you say, but another possibilty in overall general health. When one is fit and active, circulation is better, and the improved blood flow affects the small chap as we all know.

And poor fitness/lack of exercise also plays a part on our sex drives. Maybe you are just getting raging hard ons once more :D


Definately not a mismeasurement, but some of the “loss” may well be due to circulatory change from working out. Still seems like the type of ab work I do (especially lower ab work) seems to have positive effect on my maximum erection length. When standing, my penis is almost paralell with the ground and has been as long as I can remember. Admittedly, it’s sorta odd that putting more tension on a lig would result in more exposed erection, but it does seem to pull it (penis) out slightly. I also get very little stretch feeling when hanging down with as much as 20lbs. This situation really has me wondering if hanging straight out or in a natural erection plane would be more conducive to length. I certainly feel a good stretch along the shaft as well as deep inside, almost as if the fundiform lig is not actually much in need of stretch. Rather the inner “connections” need the stretch, if that is actually possible to do. Anyone else notice this strange type of sitation when manual stretching or hanging? groa

Could be..

Haven’t started hanging yet, so I haven’t noticed anything like that. It may be that your fundiform lig is not your limiting factor now Groa. You may have stretched/enlarged it enough that other areas require the attention now.
Here is a link that Uncut found and posted on another forum. If anyone has more links of this type, please post them here and in the Links Forum.


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Quit seeking..

and I shall find! Thank you (and U4B) for that link. I have that exact diagram printed out on a sheet of paper. Problem is (or was), I didn’t save the link. I actually intended to post that here, but couldn’t find it again on the google searches. I thought it would be a common one to find because I saw and printed it off of a penile surgery site and most of their images are out of urology textbooks. It was during this search that I found the stupid PE home gym. Heck, if I can’t find something from now on, I’ll just ask you for it:) groa

No problem !


If Uncut or myself doesn’t have what you are looking for, I know Patman does. That guy has quite a lot of PE info saved. I used to save good posts from PE Forums, but got lazy. Then I lost the harddrive that I was saving them to. Just started again, going to save at least all the good hanging posts, in case of another troll attack.

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