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A whopping Gain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A whopping Gain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well board, I guess most of you will peruse this on Monday.

For several days I have witnessed very rapid growth in length that I didn’t believe, but
now it’s official.

Nine inches NON bone pressed

Nine and 7/16 inches bone pressed.

I owe much of this to the Bib hanger, and some long layoffs. Horse squeezes have helped
the plumbing “fit” the new package. I have not even measured girth lately since I noticed
the obvious length gain.

Another thing, I have sworn off vitamin C for the most part, occasionally taking a multi
vitamin in the morn well away from PE activity. This may or may not have helped but the
timing does seem to me weird. Maybe not a coincidence, who knows.

I still cannot believe what I am seeing, and yes, it “looks” it just visually.

This is about the only good thing I have had happen lately as everyone here knows.
I want to thank everyone who has helped me with kind words thru my 6 month ordeal
and for all the great advice I got since the onset back in January. I owe the biggest
thanks to Bib, or “Bigger” or whatever you call him these days. His words have helped
me more than his hanger. He is a great man in so many ways and knowing him personally
has been a highlight of my life. Well, he probably thinks I overdo it but what the hell.

It’s time to move on, and hehe, I guess being a legitimate 9 pluser will help. I dunno.
I don’t have a clue how to start over at age 52 other than to just “do it.” I need to get my
happiness back and maybe my size will help in some small way. It’s such a small thing in the
scheme of things however. Others may disagree.

People who are frustrated with PE progress can look at me. It looked as if I was NEVER
going to gain much at all, and I put in over a thousand hours plus over 2 3/4 years.

It happens when you least expect it.


That’s huge. What a neat thing that’s gotta be to see (for you). I am happy for you.

That thing about big layoffs. I am seeing more and more feedback that guys are getting big gains after big layoffs, whether purposeful layoffs or incidental. Hope that’ll be me, too.

So what are you going to do now? I was kinda sad when I read that part about moving on. ‘Course, we all have to at some point, I know. But there you are at the end of the road, and here so many of us are at the beginning (me on the side of the road). Don’t know what to say.

Your happiness. Well, that’s what is the important thing, right? Phat, I really hope you get that back. You deserve it.


So Phat9 how much was the gain?

and how many hours did you put in on one of those months where you hung the most?



Looks to be a full quarter inch. I’d usually had an occasional 1/16 or 1/8 at most.

I had not even hung for the past four weeks due to an injury, a knot on the tip
foreskin. But I had hung off an on for maybe 6 weeks, with the last week a very
intense 6 on in a row, BTC with up to 25 pounds. I was more sore than I had ever
been and things felt like something gave, but I got the injury that is still there, though
almost gone now. I had it before and had to lay off hanging, but that time I got it from
leaving ULI wraps on too long.

Anyway, every other week for the past 4 weeks I did a 5 on 2 off intense horse squeeze
routine, 1.5-3 hours and very intense. That does not affect my injury at all.

Re: Jelq4Life

Originally posted by phat9
But I had hung off an on for maybe 6 weeks, with the last week a very
intense 6 on in a row, BTC with up to 25 pounds. I was more sore than I had ever
been and things felt like something gave

See, this is the thing. How the heck do people get away with that type of weight? And the feeling sore thing? When did you first start feeling sore? Like I said in my diatribe, I never really felt sore until the end. Kinda like a sucker punch. To the ol’ Johnson.


Phat9 has been hanging for YEARS.

I can hang more weight BTC. However that’s not the point. Establishing a base of conditioning over time is your answer.Starting slow over a several month period then gradually increasing the level of effort by using more weight and increasing the duration.

I don’t want to change the topic of Phat9’s thread so that’s it.

Wow. nine inches….

So you had quit for a month, then restarted at 25 pounds? Would it not be prudent for those who had not hung for a month or more to restart at a lower weight?


Just curious-what was your starting length before PE?

Hey, Phat

Good going!

Keep this up and they’ll bar you from sports stadiums for intimidating fans in the mens rooms. :-) (Loved that story)

When you get around to measuring girth, let us know. I’m curious to know if the Horses have worked for you. All I want is another 1/4 inch and that’s very slow in arriving.



Sounds like time for the rubber mallet to me! ;)

thanx guys

It’s late Monday and I cannot check during work.

I’ll keep ya posted.

I’m not going to measure girth. My 6 3/4 midshaft is still there.

I know I’m thicker when “turgid” not hard.

So, I’ll do that later.

This length thing caught me totally off guard, and I only was aware cause I was so damned
injured and banged up from high intesity BTC Bib hanging, that I tenderly went down a level
of intensity to the horse squeezes. Then daily I began to notice easier and easier 9
inch measurements. I don’t normally ever measure when hanging but I keep the ruler
handy for jelqs and squeezes. Convenient. Why not.

I literally watched the sucker grow right in front of my eyes for a three week period.

It was the hanging that did it but for me manual PE seems to consolidate the gains from
hanging quicker.

IMHO, especially for slow gainers like me, you must get very sore from hanging if you are a slow gainer like me. It must hurt and it
must stretch the ligs and tunicae big time. Bonds must be broken that have not been broken
before and this varies for each of us. As Bib and others have said, there are not concise
“rules of thumb.” I am proof of that. On the other hand, it does show that the effects of past
PE “effort” DO in fact “cumulate.” So, for some of us, like me, regular routines are less
important than degree of stresses imposed on tissue, which break tissue bonds heretofore
unbroken with past routines (intensity and weight).

For others, regular routines at minimal intensity will reap gains much more than me.

Fire away boys. I am becoming an anti Vitamin C advocate, but for some it’s less important.

See what C category you fall into.


I’m for C—even if it does have negative effects on PE, the positive effects on my health and lifting recovery are far too great.

Nice work though!


6-22-08: 7.5' BPEL, 7' NBPEL, 7.75' BPSFL, 5.25' EG

Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL

phat nine questions;

phat9, first of all congratulations on that thing of yours - quite magnificent.

but now down to the questions I wanted to ask you.
I know you’re not a newbie here or anything, I think you joined just after my long absence began about 4 months ago correct?

anyways, I was just curious as to your ‘story’.
I would really like to know more details of what I have been picking up on - this sad story of yours…. what exactly happened?

Would also like to hear of your starting measurements and techniques…. 2 and 3/4 years? thats a long time mate….

Would be glad to hear it all and offer any support I can..


I hope you understand, I’m not in a mood to go over my “story.”

Thanks, but some other time. You can find it in the archives, especially the old PE forums

My sad story in one sentence—- I lost the “love of my life”, that once-in-lifetime kind, that
sort of fell in my lap from heaven, almost 3 years ago when I had given up on love and was
NOT looking for it. Hollywood script, but that was back then. The end all started 6 months ago
back in January 2002 after I had been off the board since Summer 2001.

No, I am not a newbie. I have been hanging, jelqing, ULIing for 2 1/2 years now since
January 12, 2000. I have put in upwards of 1,400 hours at least.

I started at right at 8 x 6.75 (base g give or take). I had “shrunk” some from my youthful
size from age, drinking, sexless marriages, and generally not giving a damn about love
or sex, after I got real cynical during the 90s. I changed almost overnight in November
of 1999, being in love as I had never known it.

My goal was to get at or beyond 8 NBP. I never really expected this, but many guys get
much more gains with 1/50th the effort. I am not serious anymore, but I stay steady and
persistent. I don’t post much anymore because of “job” concerns.

Thanks, I’ll relate more to you in a PM later when I am up to it.

Last edited by phat9 : 07-18-2002 at .

I understand… thanks alot phat.

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