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A Urologist’s View of Turtling



Must say

I use the warm bath 20 mins before and 10 mins after PE

And I sometimes do a 10 min JAI under hot water after the routine

I have seen fast gains

Check out progress if you have time, all info is there, but I agree with the warmth part, it must hold key to anti turtle, I find alcohol also helps me with non turltling,

I drink about half - one bottle of wine per day, though way over anyones limit, along with a few beers,

I have seen good gains, no doubt

Maybe it works for me

Who knows

Interesting about the alchole.does it work because it thins the blood or maybe it relaxes the tendons to the point they stop retracting?
I found that aspririne really helped,I felt I had better circulation and it lightened up a bit on the retraction.I suppose it is a combo of inflamation that cuts off circulation,and thus cuases the body to retract to protect the injured limb??

If one jelqs and uli’s to the point of it just feeling good(just enough to increase circulation) is that enough?I read on other forums that “INTENSITY IS STRENGTH” or something like that,I see people stretching over their sinks and doing crazy stuff,but will I gain just the same if I go light,I mean all the reading I have done I don’t see a consensus in this area

Also is it possiable to gain say 4 inchs of girth in a year?

I am kind of back to normal right now.I mean it’s no longer inside the pevis at least.

This may sound weird but is it normally hard to go from say a 75 erection to a 100%?I find it naturally goes easily to a 75 but I have to really focus on it to get it to 100.

Anyhow there is still a bit of tingling on the left tip and a pin point of pain so I’m going to give it another day,just some short 5 or 10 second stretchs,usually upwards to pull it out of a retracted state.

It even fully erect doesn’t have the increased girth I experienced and the skin around it is weird,kind of rubbery,wrinkly with loose skin.I thought it might be nerve damage so I pinched the skin and felt it but it is less sensative.

Is it normal for it to be this rubbery?anyhow I didn’t wake up with wood and the legnth/girth I felt I gained I have lost most of.was this gain just do to swelling?I presume it will recover?

Big Girtha your gains are inspiring are you still gaining?

What is your routine?

On Uliing How hard am I suppose to clasp?I don’t see the expansion that it shows in the video,with it going red etc?I kegel in some blood till the head is tight and bigger then normal and then uli to hold the blood in am I doing it right?

I think what hurt me was the manual stretching,I don’t know how to get a good grip except to squeez hard enough to hold it when stretching,

I read I should pull hard enough till I feel a stretch,when I pull I feel a sudden stop or limit,and then I increase the tension but How much tension is enough for max gains?I mean Will really pulling it hard be ideal or should I just pull hard enough to feel a pleasurable stretch in the ligments like the kind of stretch you do before walking,or would that be insufficient to acquire the gains

Hmmm… Seems I should start clamping and using ADSs since a urologist agrees how with how the growth is occurring. Thanks Big G.

EDIT: Would pumping 3 or more times a day be sufficient time being spent stretched/over-engorged/expanded to contribute to gains. I am trying to star pumping 2 or 3 times a day when possible.

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Psycho: You must have miss-read something. My urologist is against clamping. She calls it insane.

So when you do it use caution.

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No Nukes

Well this part gave me the impression that she agrees that what we do actually works:

“In conclusion, Doc does not deny that these methods do indeed cause enlargement of the penis, however she sticks to her original claim that PE is dangerous, and that the gains we get from it do not out weigh the dangers evolved to get there.”

But I was aware that she was against what me do, but wasn’t saying that she agreed with our methods.

August 2008: NBPEL 4"

I have a sneaking suspicion that more of the medical community than we might realize has an idea about PE. We’ve had at least 1 M.D. at TP’s, Big Girtha’s doc didn’t claim that enlargement was bogus - nor did the 2 M.D.s with whom I discussed PE claim that this is “fraudulent.”

Furthermore, there’ve been snippets of TV programs and a dearth of web sites. Also, the court case of the Chartham Method, etc.

In other words, the “secret” of PE hasn’t been so very secret.

I’m not claiming that doctors across the country are discussing PE at the water cooler, but I think more of them than we might suspect have heard about it (and I’ll bet that some of them are jelqing & stretching!). The point I’m making is that while many here have argued about trying to motivate the medical community to look into PE (to expedite research/progress, etc.) or to somehow “prove” to them that PE is genuine, I think that a number of doctors probably don’t need any convincing.

I think the question of safety is the key issue. Many people have the tendency to over-do things. PE is no different (just read the injury forum here). I think doctors genuinely don’t want:

(1) to feel like they’ve hurt somebody, or
(2) to be sued for it

PE is based on some already-accepted concepts, so what’s so strange about “making the jump” to the human penis? It’s not that strange, really. But the medical community seems to shy away from this; furthermore, I believe they will continue to do so.

Originally Posted by paulski82
I can understand the logic behind what Doc says about never preventing your penis from turtling, our bodies self preservation mechanisms don’t always do the right thing. A perfect example is when you drink too much alcolhol and you vomit. By the time you start to vomit the alcohol that has made you sick has passed the stomach and entered your bloodstream. Vomiting won’t actually get rid of any alcohol unless your still have some left in your stomach that hasn’t been digested yet. The only thing that will purge your blood of alcohol is time. I’m not trying to compare turtling and the body’s response to excessive alcohol consumption. I’m just pointing out that the bodies response isn’t always the best thing. Sometimes it’s actually counterproductive. Sometimes it’s just ineffective.

Really good observation!

Unless it actually heals better in the turtled state, if it is closer to the bloodflow more blood will flow through it right? but I am guessing research has been done on this and it doesn’t…I swear every single question or thought I have every come to on the subject of pe has been researched, reviewed revamped and rewritten! :)

Great thread either way, I think this answers my last question on my progress thread. Thanks alot guys!

Paulski82, that’s true with a lot of things. For example, when we want to lose weight and we reduce cals, our body will lower its metabolism - as a defense mechanism. This works great in times of famine, drought, etc., but it works against our efforts to lose weight (and the bodily defense mechanisms can’t be “informed” that our lower caloric intake is intentional).

The main reason I think it’s helpful to prevent turtling is certainly not cosmetic, but that by maintaining a certain degree of inflation/plumpness we’re doing a passive, low-level form of PE (consider very low intensity but time-intensive, almost like an ADS or a velcro wrap).

Hey nice thread!

So do you think that preventick your penis from turtling and letting it heal in advanced state just helps with girth gains or also does effect the erect length of your unit?

I` m asking because I’m mainly looking for length and I’m happy with my actual girth

@Big Girtha

Originally Posted by Bomber99

Hey nice thread!

So do you think that preventick your penis from turtling and letting it heal in advanced state just helps with girth gains or also does effect the erect length of your unit?

I` m asking because I’m mainly looking for length and I’m happy with my actual girth

@Big Girtha

Big Girtha hasn’t been around since 2014. Last post on the thread was 2009. You might be waiting a while for a response. ;)

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Current Stats: BPEL 7.75¨ x MEG 5.6¨ (16th Jan 2018)

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Originally Posted by Skygod2016

Big Girtha hasn’t been around since 2014. Last post on the thread was 2009. You might be waiting a while for a response. ;)

Oh, didn’t see that :/

But I’ll take advice from anyone knowing an answer to my question.

I really hope my penis is just turtling due to too much stretching and not a major ED injury. Been for 3 weeks now. Fingers crossed.


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