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A thread for my man thunder

I saw that one coming.

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*Halo appears over head*
Kidding ofcourse

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Originally Posted by supersizeit

The man, the myth.

Corrected that for you, supersizeit. You’re welcome.

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Yeah, a lot of good things to say about the bossman and other mods here. But you know what? He rarely smiles or laughs with us and I found that’s weird :rolling: Isn’t he a nice guy with sense of humor? :D I’m joking. But it’s true huh?

OH by the way, why is this thread? :confused:

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Actually Kesman, I was the first person to get busted here for using to many ……., a habit I am still having trouble with. :)

A glitch in the system there. The virtual Thunder meant to say “using _too_ many…”. Things are _too_ large (though not here) or happen _too_ often, though they are very often _to_ the point. Spell Check won’t pick this up.

I’m sure all the mods and many members are happy this thread started. Our fearless leader has managed to create an outstanding site which functions much like a well-greased community. Why else would so many of us keep coming back?



Almost as bad as people that use an underscore key when it should be an underline. ;) You are in good company though avo, a lot of reporters have taken up using the underscore.

I do know that I fucked up by using “to” when it should have been “too”. I mostly catch that, but this time didn’t.

[u ] this [/u ] will get you this, if you remove the extra space between the bracket and the first and last letter of the word that you want to underline, also the extra space between the bracket and the “u”.

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[/u] Don’t tell me things like that, I will never stop now.

Bah, I was tricked.

See? He’s on everything. :)

Thanks very much for that tip. I’ve wondered for years how you guys make that underscore thing happen.



My bad, I didn’t pay enough attention.

that's better


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