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A Stretch that Works for Me!

A Stretch that Works for Me!

I hate stretching my cock! It hurts like a bastard. It leaves dark colored glans if you don’t grab right. I just fucking hate it.

However, I have just stumbled on to a good technique that works well for me. No pain. No slippage. No dark spots on the glans afterwards.

I bend over like doing a toe touch excercise. I then grab my cock around the circumcission scar. I grab it like when I am going to shove it in the hole. I push the head up against my lower chest/upper stomach above my belly button. I then squeeze like a bastard with my grip and stand up strait slowly. All the time holding my cock with a very firm grip up agains the upper part of my stomach above the navel. I hold this there for a minute or over.

I am now doing this a few times a day. Mostly when jelqing in the morning or evening. I have always wanted my hard-on to reach up above my navel. I am up to it at this point but want it to go past it. I don’t know why but I have ALWAYS wished it was that length.



You had me worried there for as minute. When you were all bent over like that I thought you were going to grab hold of it with your teeth. One thing about your stretch is that it is also a hamstring stretch. 2 birds so to speak.

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Sounds nice. I am surprised the force of the cock. It SHALL go back into it’s f*cking cave, not matter what. BUt I’ll start using all day weights from now on…

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Originally Posted by lasting

You had me worried there for as minute. When you were all bent over like that I thought you were going to grab hold of it with your teeth.

I wish I could! I wish I could!


You know, I think I am getting somewhere with this stretch guys. I really do. At least with the flaccid hang. We shall see if my boners get longer. Up past the belly button, I say.


Keep up the good work Vinni, maybe you just found a really good stretch that everyone can use. :)

Vinni, I am beholden to you. I’ve had the same dream. My legs are as long as my torso, and so I don’t quick reach my navel, and I do the same exact thing, with night time woods. I love to see if by chance I’ve actually reached my navel.

Sounds like a great way to stretch. I TOO HATE those damned things. I pull until I’m sure I’ve torn it off, and when I was a newbie, even drew blood from pulling so hard a couple of times. I’ve never been able to get the right tension, even with hot wraps, warm ups, jelq, etc. So I’ll try it and let ya know.

Thin-Q, thin-q mary vuch.

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Let us know how it works for you.
Thanks for replying to the post man.


I am uncut. I tried several times to grab behind my glans to do stretches and I could say, the grip is not strong enough to do an effective stretch. Probably for all the uncut guys there must be another way of grabbing the penis.

The most effective way (for me at least) to grab my penis for a stretch is to do it near the base where I found a kind of space where my grip locks very well and I can apply at least 30 lb of force!

OK, I just found out something that enhances this stretch even more! It stretches other things if I walk around the room while doing this stretch for 1 minute.


Where our dicks reach in relation to our belly buttons is how some women judge size. It’s not very reliable because the distance can vary, but it isn’t news that girls can’t judge size very well. Might as well meet her requirement of a penis that touches your belly button.

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I don’t know why but I have always used my belly button as a marking point of much interest for some reason.


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