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A sign of growth?

A sign of growth?

I’ve notice over the last month or two(since changing my routine) that I wake up at night with painful erections, especially in the last inch or so of the tip. It almost feels like the blood is trying to push out the end of my penis.

Has anyone else experienced this? Since its new to me, I’m hoping its a sign of gains.


I never have experienced your symptoms. My PE efforts have lead to stronger erections, but never any pain.

My routine is very conservative. Any time there is any unusual results or pain of any kind, I lay off for several days to a week.

I have read post where guys say they tough it out and work through the pain, but I do not.

Give it rest and if it continues to bother you, go see a doctor.

be back soon

There were so many signs of gains during my first few months. Slightly painful erections did occur, but very minimal pain. I think a better description of the type of pain you are experiencing may be good. Along with that soreness I also began to see hair on the shaft, stretch mark on the belly of penis (still have today and the mark is just about the length of my total gains).

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No shit!!! Dude i just noticed today the base of my penis is getting a beard lol! But really im noticing the hair wherenoe grew before and serious stretch marks when flaccid.

Originally posted by retsnom
No shit!!! Dude i just noticed today the base of my penis is getting a beard lol! But really im noticing the hair wherenoe grew before and serious stretch marks when flaccid.

Ahhh the signs of success

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I dont think people should be aiming for pain as a sign of growth as you you do in bodybuilding. If your getting painful erections you should ease off and take it slow, penis enlargement takes time, pay site tell you you will gain up to 4 inches in weeks or months and people belive it.This is the problem, people get over zelos and over do things trying to gain that inch in a month and what happens, they get injured they get erection problems,bent dicks and so on.You should not be in any pain ever, if you are ,your over working , using too much pressure or just slowly damaging your penis, you will regret it later on.Just like in bodybuilding do you have to feel pain every time you train? the answer is no.



the “beard” that you’re growing comes from stretching the skin of your dick. It’s the outer layer of the skin around your pelvis region.

In other words, you’re stretching too much skin.

“Ahhh the signs of success”….I’m not so sure about that, DLD.

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I had a bit of hair on the bass of my shaft even before i started to PE…*ahhh* shaving hahaha

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Uncut…Can you explain if this is a bad thing or not? I figured it was good.But because you were so quick to knock me down for thinking it was a good thing,be quick to tell me why its bad.

only stretch i do is fowfer stretch and i can feel that im stretching more than skin. Then again im not a pe vet! Just stretching skin gets me no gains? Fill me in bro. thanks

I dunno if this is a sign of growth for my member, but I’ve been doing A stretches every single day, and usually ever OTHER day of performing them, I get a lig pop.

Day 1 nothing…day 2.. SNAP (OH SHIT!)…day 3 4..POP (AAAAH GOD WHY?!?)…day 5 nothing… etc.

Sounds like a Rice Krispies commercial…I just hope I keep skipping the CRACKLE effect…

Is this a bad thing that my ligs are popping on and off with A stretches or should I just ignore it and pretend its a sign of growth?


It’s a GOOD thing for many reasons. Just as one example, you will
need more skin to accomodate a larger frame.

Some of the “beard” is from gains, but one would have difficulty
discombobulating the relative degree of stretch vs gains effect.

It would vary among guys

I don’t think uncut meant it to be a BAD thing, maybe he meant you
may be stretching skin rather than ligs.

Not bad...

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing or sign. You should maybe look at the progress, instead. Like Phat9 said, ….

…”Some of the “beard” is from gains, but one would have difficulty discombobulating the relative degree of stretch vs gains effect.”

It also brings up the question wether you’re circumsised or not. If not, try to leave some skin between your hand and the Pubic bone, stretching the inside rather than the skin and just outer layers of the tissue. That also goes for dry jelquing.

But, hey, by all means, if it gives you gains, go for it.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Ok cool thanks for reply uncut and phat.Ok when my next mesurment period comes around im gonna start mesuring ALL points..bpfl hgirth base girth etc…because i am noticing some serious flacid length and it could be that the fowfer stretch is ONLY giving me gains in that area.And if that is the case it brings up the whole bpfl vs bpel issue lol.It will be easyier to see where im gaining s i only do 1 stretch.What are some tips to tell if im only stretching skin and no ligs?

Btw i guess i took it the wrong way. Sorry uncut.

No problem, retsnom.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

I’m sure the hair on the shaft isn’t just due to movement of skin. I have hair for about 1.3” at the bottom of my shaft, which is roughly my total length gains.

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