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A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

Guys..thanks for your posts…I’m completely new in PE…started yesterday night and an hour later had sex with my gf and I felt something i never felt before… thanx ppl!!!

Hey great posts all. I just started on this forum about 30 minutes ago read this one thread and I’m blown away. I just have one question, and please don’t chew my head off (no pun intended) Isn’t this just going to help your length and not girth? I just want to make sure.

Looks interesting

Hi I am new here, hope this works for me

Originally Posted by soon2b9
If I can help even one person get started, then all the work I put into this was not in vain (of course, the more the better :) ).

Objective complete you’ve helped me big time, thanks for your work soon. Looking forward to getting started but gonna read through this and a few other threads I’ve seen to get it right in my head first then ill post a routine see what ye veterans think he he. Again many thanks soon, great post.

Hey soon,

Thank you for the great article. I am less then 24H old to this place and allready found what I needed to get starting.

PS: I was actually thinking of a personal question to ask you that I am sure will help motivate every newbies here. The videos are well done and I suppose it might be you on those. Is it possible to know you’re messurements before and after the PE as your penis had a very respectable size on the videos.

5"1/2 by 4"1/2 + 1" under some fat.

Goal by year end: an 7" healtier penis.

Recover 1" + 1/2" on lenght + 1/2" on grith.

Thanks for the moves.

Your Website Needs Alot Of Work.Your Video’s Don’t Work At All.

How do I do kejels? I can’t find any info on how to do it ?

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Very informative,,,,thanks for the time n effort to post this.

Thanks very good post :buttrock:

I’ve literally read hours and hours of info on here since I’m a n00b.and this helps a lot! Thanks!

Great thread thnx!

Start 2th september 2007; BPEL:16,2cm/6.40 inch BPFL:10,6cm/4,18inch EG:14.2cm/5.6inch

Goal; BPEL:19cm/7.5inch BPFL:13.5cm/5.3inch EG:15.2cm/6inch


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