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A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

Man! I cant belive i havent seen this yet! Great job soon!

Sept 2 2002 Bpel 6.8 Eg 5.5 Sept 2 2003 Bpel 7.6 Eg 6.0 Yeah i know...5 years..updating soon i hate mesuring...

THe link to A-stretch and Modified version
doesnt work to me… any other does the same?

Great post/ fantastic help



Wow!! That was an awesome post! Thank you for all your effort and time you put into that. It has been extremely helpful.


soon2bq: I love you man. Now I don’t have to hunt down all those great informative threads anymore to re-read the same exercises I always go back to doing after I quit PEing for a month for whatever reasons and come back a month later. That cycle of mine continues indefinitely, but at least now you’ve setup something for me all in one spot to go back to. Thank you again.

A psychiatrist is better for u all

Have u ever tried a psychiatrist. I thinks this website is only for peple who have a lot of problems and do not accept themselves.


Hey Pippo,

If you intend to carry on posting could you read the Forum Guidelines. I realise English may well be a second language to you but ‘you’ is not spelt ‘u’. Thanks.

No doubt there are a number of people who are unhappy with themselves here. There are also a number of people who were balanced when they arrived and remain balanced. If you carry on reading you will probably see that.

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Now I know you didn’t go through all of the trouble of registering to say those few words. You are interested in PE and there is nothing wrong with that.

Now, if you had never stepped foot in a gym and you went to a psychiatrist and told him that you were unhappy with the size of your muscles, what do you think he/she would tell you?

Go lift some weights and come back if you are still unhappy.

At least, thats what he would tell you if you if they were a good psychiatrist.

Why should the penis be any different?


Can somebody list which exercises are for lenght?

Can some of you suggest some exercises to start with how do we know when to move to the next level of exercises etc.?

I like all the info here but it is hard for beginners like myself understand. Is there a single perfect thread that has the beginner stuff organized in a way that tells me….”OK beginner, start with these 2 or 3 exercises for lenght and do them for X weeks/months/years etc”? “Then move to this set of exercises.”


Welcome to the forum.

Check the Most Important Newbie Threads and read through each one. Also at the bottom of the page you will see links for the PE FAQ/Glossary and the PE Archive. Read those. Go through the tutorial forum and read the applicable threads there.

Length will often come first anyway (its worth checking your LOT to find out how likely that is) but you are looking for a stretch and jelq program with lower level erection and probably below your LOT jelqing. While you are doing this check out the hanging threads and spend a month or so deciding if you want or need to skip in that direction.

If any of this makes no sense, try reading first and then if you need to clear up specific points start a thread in the newbie forum.

Once you have decided on a routine that you think will work for you, if you post it in the newbie forum other members will happily critique it for you.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Thundersplace and everyone who contributes.Your site is almost as rewarding as winning a lottery.Very thorough and explicit details about all areas of excercises and I am happy to have finally found a good place to learn about them.I love you guys(not like that).Please answer me this one question that I’ve wanted to know for a long time, how do the pornstars on huge cock websites get their junk as fat as a popcan? 1,000,000 thank you’s

Hi grasshopper, welcome aboard, nice to have you here. I’m sure you will eventually come to love us ‘like that’. :D

Unfortunately, most of those popcan pornstars were born that way. There are ways of increasing your girth however. Start off with a solid jelqing routine to condition your dick to the new stress, then read up on some other exercises to help.

Here’s another couple of threads to get you started:

Newbie Routine

Girth Routines

Just be sure to do the newbie routine for at least 6 weeks before jumping into the other girth routines. No point in a having a big dick if you can’t use it because of injury.

soon2b9, thanks for the impressive collection. will have to check out the videos.


Welcome to the forum.

The old videos have been taken down. The new videos should start coming online this weekend.

I appreciate the first post here, as it makes things more concise… thank you.

Thanks this helps me a lot!!


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