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A question for PE vets.


I think Dino has a good idea for getting guys to post, but if you want to level the PE field and be fair to everyone I think there should be a membership stipulation that requires new members to post say within the first 30 days of membership to at least introduce themselves and share their PE experience up to that point. If not, then that membership to this community should be cancelled. My feeling is that it pisses me off when the vets and other guys post findings and methods and only get feedback from the same group of members all the time. This may be a free board but it burns my ass when guys log on for a free ride and refuse to share their input on what they have learned for themselves. This community will only grow so much until everybody that is involved is willing to share and contribute in anyway that he can.

Dam B1,

You have an opinion or what?? I editted out your one sentence that politely asked lurkers to post for the good of the community at large. Funny thing is, I was thinking along these same lines yesterday afternoon.

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Well Thunder, I signed on to this forum for a reason and so did everybody else; I am willing to help those that I can in return for what I have gotten out of this board, But dammit, if aguy doesn’t have the balls to at least introduce himself and show some kind of appreciation for what’s here then he can waste his $50.00 and pay for it somewhere else.

Yeah, I guess the order of fact did elude me when I stated my opinion that way, thanks for setting me straight Thunder. I still think it”ll be an eye opener to hear other vets and active members opinions on this particular opinion of the subject of lurkers and what to do about it. Everybody has an opinion and mine is just one of many.

You could just do like the Large Penis Support Group and some other online forums do….DONT LET ANYONE IN until they register? I dont think you could do much else though. I mean setting a dead line for them to make thier first post?? What if they register and their computer crashes? Or they lose internet service or something along those lines? Then they have to re-register and go through all the related B.S…..we could lose a lot of potentially good contributors that way. I dunno maybe I’m crazy?

You do have a good point there SWM but there is lots of good input here already and I think that a lot of the newer guys over the last 90 days have been posting more as opposed to when guys were signing on prior to that and some members may not be willing to take that chance on missing out on fresh input…. however, if Thunder is looking to clean up the members list and free up more board space I think it’s the way to go. Also, I’m sure it pisses other guys off to know they’re giving a free ride to those that won’t post. I also think that while we may lose some input in the short term, we stand a better chance of gaining a better quality of input in the long run. Sometimes you have to lose a little to gain a lot.

Good points, good points. Maybe we need a banner at the top of the main page: “Comon and take a free ride, free riiiiide……” Just kidding. I lurked over at the original PE forums for several months before making my first post. I guess ultimately it’s up to Thunder. It’s his forum.

Thats right SWM, it is Thunder’s board and it is his ultimate decision and whatever that may be I hope it will be a well informed and well thought out decision that appeals to the majority of active members. So c’mon guys,let’s hear some more suggestions and opinions.

Although I am a pe veteran, I am NOT qualified to be a mentor. I think all of you are my mentors :)

Originally posted by mike2002
Although I am a pe veteran, I am NOT qualified to be a mentor. I think all of you are my mentors :)

By saying that, now you are in Thunder’s sights. You will probably be the next Mod!!!


Greetings all,

The following vacancy exists:

We are looking for another person or two to help manage a possible Mentor program.

This is not a Mentor position, you will not be asked to actually mentor others, unless you would like to.

This position does NOT require Moderator Status.

You would be responsible for :

  • Collecting the particulars from prospective “novices”.
  • Maintaining the status/current availability of Mentors.
  • Facilitate finding the accepted “novice” the appropriate Mentor.
  • Tracking the status of novices.
  • Assist in load-balancing the mentor’s novices.
  • Ability to gauge the satisfaction level of the novice periodically in his program.
  • Cycling the novice through other Mentors, if necessary.
  • Other tasks as they become apparent.
  • (you get the picture now I would suppose)
The position is rewarding and the pay is extremely poor.
Serious inquires only, which may be posted here, or PM’d to me.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, which is already in progress.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

It has come to my attentions that some people are confused who to contact about mentoring issues nowadays. PM either me or mentor. All mentor admin positions have been filled, but we are always looking for more experienced PE’ers as mentors and take and try to handle all the mentoree applications, no matter who you are or what you do. More details here.

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

I had been working the ligs for quite awhile. I think I gained about 1/2 inch. I am now working the tunica. I can’t hang for with tunica because of discomfort, but I am stretching the tunica-manual, and I can really feel the pull so hopefully I’ll get some gains..

Should I still work the ligs? Maybe 20 minutes a day of hanging to keep the ligs from retracting or are the ligs permenantly stretched? I believe your only supposed to concentrate on one part of PE at a time, so should I just leave the ligs alone for a while and just work the tunica?? (I understand the ligs will strengthen if they are left alone-which I am concerned about, but I am more concerned about losing the gains from lig stretch, if ligs can contract, although I heard once ligs are stretched, they are permenently stretched.)

Thanks tiger


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