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A question for PE vets.

Originally posted by hobby
If a newbie has clear instructions on exercise options, how to set up a program, how to perform his chosen exercises, and access to the forums here for any questions or concerns, what purpose would a mentor serve? I don't get it.

Are mentors supposed to hold a newbie's hand and walk him through information he should have read himself? If the goal is to reduce initial confusion and common questions, the better solution is to make needed information easier to obtain.



These are good questions.

There will always be a plentitude of posts and posters bringing valid points to the table here for general discussion.

There will be also the vast majority of members who join and lurk and contribute absolutely nothing, for various personal reasons, chief of among them may be that they do not feel as easy as we do talking about our dicks in public every time we come here.

A mentor’s job would be to encourage and to offer arcane advice, and to answer those questions a Newbie might be very hesitant to bring up in open forum. (I get them all the time and I understand some of the reluctance to just open up to the forums at large.)

The idea is not hand-holding. Newbies who prefer a program like this would be expected to do their own reading and choose the progam which seems to feel right for them, relying only on the mentor for whatever sage advice. It seems to me, and I may be wrong, that many of these men would soon build enough self-confidence to rely less on their mentors and post more in open forums.



I am still uncomited on this topic. Perhaps my reluctance is that I am old school. “Back in the day when I started PEing we didn’t have this namby pamby mentoring crap! Why we just tied our dicks to a tree branch and hung till we bled!”

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avocet8 wrote:
There will be also the vast majority of members who join and lurk and contribute absolutely nothing, for various personal reasons, chief of among them may be that they do not feel as easy as we do talking about our dicks in public every time we come here.

This is a valid concern, but it can be addressed in other ways than mentoring.

I felt uncomfortable posting at first. I understand the reluctance some feel discussing such a taboo topic as penis enlargement. What makes newbies feel reluctant to post? The sticky poll in the Newbie Forum provides some insight, but not much due to the lack of response.

Maybe guys don’t realize how anonymous they can be here. Perhaps a better explanation of how the forum works, how the Net works, and tips to remain anonymous are in order?

hmm, I agree with both sides of view here. iamaru is right, when we started PE we didnt have this mentoring rubbish, in fact, we didnt even have two huge forums packed with information to search if we wanted to know something. We had to do it all ourselves through trial and error and we still gained (well most of us).

How is this going to work? Is there going to be a new forum with a seperate thread for each newbie/mentor partnership? Or is it going to be done through email or PMs?
Whats a newbie gonna do with his mentor? If he needs advice on wrapping or jelqing will he just say “hey I need some help with blah blah blah” and then we reply telling him how to do ‘blah blah blah’ properly? Why not just type ‘blah blah blah’ into the search thingy?

I do kind of like the idea, but it seems like a bit of a strange idea. To offer penis enlargement mentoring on a one-to-one basis. For free. Probably attract a lot of traffic to the site.


SS4, I agree.:)

Ok, hobby is now available as a private PE coach. $20/hr. PM for details and to arrange payment. I charged that when I gave private music lessons a decade ago. I can also get my clients a screaming deal on snake oil.

In this case, I’m not familiar with the intricacies of your particular instrument, and you’ll probably learn more on your own by reading, experimenting and communicating with other members of the “band” here at Thunder’s. You’d do even better if there were a way for you to team up with those who play instruments similar to yours.


Count me in also.Give Newbies help

I don’t think that I would want to have specific newbies assigned.

I think that newbies should simply watch the post of vets and mods and pm them if they have a question that they need answered that they would prefer to keep private. I think it would allow them to get a variety of opinions rather than feeling obligated to stick by the mentor.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Perhaps Sticky Threads at the top of all the forums titled something like: “If You Would LIke Personal Feedback, Please Feel Free To Send PMs To Veterans….”???

I had a coupla guys pming me for Tantra instruction. After they found out that it has a learning curve, requires discipline, work, change, self evaluation/actualization, time, time, and more work… I had NO guys pming me for tantra mentoring.

I have taught CQC, Tantra, trade craft, mind/body control and other stuff to very small groups and to apprentices. I find the whole experience very rewarding and greatly enjoy teaching. HOWEVER dealing with those that are not serious and committed I find depressing and disheartening.

I think that this mentoring thing…if done properly…could be alright. I do NOT know what the right way of institutionalizing it would be.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally posted by ThunderSS
We have 285 members who have been members at least 90 days, have visited the forum at least once in the last 30 days and have never posted. (as of 02/22/2003)

That is a damn lot of lurkers.

What are they peakin’ at…I would love to know.

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We still have 3800 members that have not posted. I would like to get these guys going. How much of that is dead wood (excuse the pun) and how much of that is lurkers is not known.

I will have to think long and hard for ideas to pull some of them out into the open.


We could start pulling them out of the lurking closet, when we see a member with no post and they are lurking we could bring up a thread on that member. You know sort of like a game show
Hey we would like to welcome BLAH BLAH to the forum, can you tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to thunders?
That should get a few to post.

Put me down on the list as well… I have not gained a bunch like some of the other guys but I’ve trained like hell.. I would be happy to…


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