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A Question For Dance

A Question For Dance

Hi Dance, I was given the impression by one of the answers to my post”Is it just me, myself & I”, that you had an injury similar to mine.

I hurt my suspensory ligament by pulling to hard in the stretches. Can you let me know whether your injury is indeed similar, or entirely different? If its different, I would still like to hear what your problem was and how much time it took to heal.

Much appreciation Dance! Gottagrow.

Well I will try and explain and you can determine how similar and different it is. First you say it is the ligament and then you say it is on the right side which I have a little trouble with. Mine is also on the side and when I went to the doctor and asked if it was the lig he said “no the lig is right here” and pressed directly in the center above the penis.

My injury is both in the shaft and the body (about 3/8” both ways” and the epicenter is where the penis meets the body. Sometimes it is sorer in the body and other times in the penis (but mostly in the penis). It did not come from stretching. In fact I can not be sure how it happened, but I don’t believe from hanging either. It may have been from a combination of many types of PE and my extracurricular activity, which I will explain.

First I was doing the uli thing and making the mistake of hanging a few pounds while erect for girth. I never felt anything wrong. However, I love to dance (thus the name). Actually it is more like a giant rave and it is more like sex than dancing. I grind on beautiful girls that normally I would have trouble getting close to haha.

Well if you were to get an erection and then have it going down in your loose pants and imagine a girl bumping and grinding on it then you see how the potential is there for some type of strain or something from the bending. If I try it any more I point it up. When I think I am healing well and try to dance again it reappears even if I am very careful so I believe this was a major cause. When I returned home one evening from dancing and masturbated I felt pain on the left side in the area described. Then I tried to hang the next day and aggregated it worse and had to stop. This was a long time ago (I did not keep records, but at least 6 months. I have not been able to hang since. In fact until the last month or so I have never even been able to jelq or do any type of manual stretching. It still is not healed completely. All I do it the wrap for girth. However, I am able to jelq now and even throw in some pumping as well. Sometime in the near future when I am really feeling well I will try and hang very lightly and see how it goes, but I am focusing on girth now.

I found that using frozen peas in a bag as an ice pack really helps. Also I use MSM capsules mixed with arnica into a paste and apply. Other times I keep applying Arnica by itself. I used to do ice and heat, but found that when it really acts up it is better to just use ice. I am a little sore right now and have the pack on as I write. This weekend I tried to go out and did very very little but it still bothered me. I have been pretty good at avoiding it but once in a while I try. However, as hard as it is to avoid I have decided I am taking two steps forward and one back and I just need to give up on the rubbing against the girls for now. I am taking up Salsa for now.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the detailed answer Dance! Your injury is different to mine. Mine is definitly the ligaments. The penis now leans of to the left a bit. It use to a little bit before, but now that angle has increased a bit but it isn’t a curve in the penis. It’s just the right ligament is more slack than the left. The right ligament is still most definitly attached, cus I can still feel the tension in it when I stand up with an erection.

My left has also been a bit sore, but both of them aren’t painful anymore. However I know that it will come back if I even lightly tug on it.

What’s this type of dancing you do? I won’t to grind my body against beautiful women all night long. I can see why your finding it hard to give up.

I am familiar with the kind of ass shaking and grinding women do with ragga music and sometimes hiphop.

Maybe I might start going to some black parties and use the novelty factor that I am the only white man at a black party, to get me plenty of attention from the beautiful women.

I was in that situation once before and I tell you, those black women loved the fact that I was interested in going to a black party. They danced with me all night and rubbed up against me.

I loved every minute of it.

I am talking more along the lines of a giant rave with techno music. There are clubs like that here. So many people are jammed together and many are on extacy so you can get away with stuff and act like you are high lol. Not to mention just walking around and everyone is so smached together.


Would you recommend Hot wrapping around my pubic pad area, or ice wrapping. I have been using neither, as I wasn’t sure which one would hinder the healing process. I can’t make up my mind on whether I should be hot wrapping to increase the blood circulation in the ligaments, or whether I should ice wrap, to stop the swelling and damadge.

The niggle just won’t go away. I’t’s because I have thick muscular legs which rub eachother on the inner thighs, which tugs on the scrotum when ever I do my deadlift training and bend over. Which in turn, tugs the penis and ligaments and keeps the injury from healing. I need to use the right type of wrap to help my healing. I will do it for a couple of hours a day but I have no idea whether it should be hot or cold.

Thanks a lot!


if you dont mind but what happened to you?Did you tear your lig and if Real sorry to hear about it cause we are all in this together and when one of us gets an injury and have to sit out for so long, it s bad news. I would think that the hot wrap would be better because one of the main healing ingredients in our bodies is ‘blood’ and by keeping it warm and oxidized I would reckon that it more readily attacks any injuries and does its repairs unlike if you cool your blood, you are restricting the flow and therefore being less effective. Now if there are swelling in the area, then the ice packs would be needed for this. So I guess that question isnt as simple as it sounds, It all depends on the extent of your injury and only a doctor can determine that. Anyway, my two cents. I will pray for your healing. Good luck buddy.

Thanks Kabar! I don’t supose your naming yourself after a highland kabar because of your size?

Dance. If you like techno, you will love jungle and drum and base. It all started in the early 90’s here in London and has been spreading all over the world ever since. You gotta take a holiday in London and go to some of the drum and base raves we have here. I grew up on them. We also have a very active Garage music night life. It is popular in America, but UK Garage is so much better. You would love it over here. The girls are mad for it!

oh yes. I have got something similar to what you have desd

cribed now. I jacked off, which I had been trying to not do and now I have a slight soarness in the penis itself and I have to go to the mens room more often. It somnetimes discharges a tiny amount of urine a short time after I have already taken a piss. It also discharges a tiny amount of cum sometimes. This discharge is only enough to moisten the the tip a tiny bit but I can feel it happening when it does leek. It is a bit screwed up. Have you had the same problem.

No I have not had any of those problems. Techno is ok, but I mainly go for beautiful girls that let me grind on them just like I am having sex. Basically I am dry humping the shit out of them lol.


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