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A question and then a theory/excercise that's been on my mind.

A question and then a theory/excercise that's been on my mind.

I’ve been PE’ing for around a month and a half now and I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I, by now, have a great handle on jelqs and kegels, however, stretching, for me, is still not a consistent solid exercise. I just can’t figure out a constant place to grab without causes around 50 red dots on the upper half of my head and on the mid line on the bottem of my mister. Every time I stretch there are these red dots where I’ve just described.

After many hours of reading I’ve come under the impression that many PE’ers grab “right behind the head” and pull towards the direction they’d like to stretch. I initially had trouble keeping this grip but read that using some toilet paper helps to get a grip. I tried the toilet paper and it definitely helped with the grip part, however I find that whenever I grab just behind the glans I feel a pain where I’m grabbing like a hypersensitive head irritation right around the rim. I just can’t seem to stretch grabbing right behind the head. It annoys me because I’m becoming so familiar and skilled with PE’ing but when it comes to stretching I feel like it’s different each time (IMO inconsistency leads to a lack of routine which will distract me as I progress in the coming months). I can’t seem to keep a stretch without hurting my head or feeling discomfort in the skin (and I know i need a stretch in the actual inner penis-my LOT is around 7).

I’ve read that other people grab more “towards the base” while stretching but then I also read that this causes only half the penis to get stretched instead of the whole penis. I just wish I could find a consistent stretching method. My measurements are 7BPEL and 4.7 EG and my FG isn’t much short of my EG (maybe 4.2ish). I’m not sure why I can’t stretch without ending up squeezing half my head or not getting a good stretch.

Any help would be SO greatly appreciated. I feel as though once I can get my stretching down these routines will go by faster and before I know it I’ll measure some significant gains.

Since my post is already growing long and boring, I’ll summarize my idea in short. Since stretching has been shifty for me I’ve been thinking about it a lot and it has let me to this idea:

When we stretch we pull a single direction and hold it (and based on what I’ve read, hanging provides a similar strain?). I thought about a nail stuck in a piece of wood or a finger stuck in a bottle of soap and it led me to this. What if we tried stretching as a non-static motion in which, for example, during straight out stretching we were to sort-of yank the penis left and right in an attempt to wiggle it out of the body. When a nail is stuck in wood and we want to get it out we pull it left and right rapidly (maybe a half second in between each direction/pull). An exercise might consist of a minute of stretching in this method. I feel as though I can’t describe what I’m trying to say very well, perhaps someone else who understands what I’m saying could do a better job.
This is all just an idea- Comments? Oh and thank you for enduring my long post if you’ve made it to this point.

Yanking doesn’t sound very good. Mainly because you’re dealing with soft tissues. Injury is certainly possible with sudden movements. While it’s true that hanging, in general, pulls in one direction for a long period of time, manual stretching is usually done with the force being redirected with each pull. This would accomplish your objective of putting the stress at different places.

While manual stretching , and hanging, does stretch the penile shaft tissues, it’s main benefit is in stretching the ligaments that attach the penis to the pelvic bones. Gripping at the end is the usual method, but it isn’t necessary. What is required is a tight grip. You should use your dominant hand or the hand with the greater strength. Most of the grip will be applied with the thumb and first two fingers.

Place the flaccid shaft (You are flaccid when stretching, right? Stretching with any kind of erection contributes to the red spot problem.) in the web of skin between the thumb and first finger with the glans (head) in the palm. Tighten your grip using the thumb and first finger or two only leaving the glans covered by, but not compressed by, the remaining fingers. Using a grip aid such as toilet paper, a sheet of latex or a rubber glove will help you get a grip that doesn’t slip.

Use your triceps to extend your arm and pull for 30 to 60 seconds in five directions: left, right, up, down and straight out. Most guys try for 60 seconds, giving them a set of lasting five minutes. Then repeat for a total of 10 minutes. In my routine (I’m no longer doing active PE) I did my stretches first then went on to the jelq that requires a semi erection.

Good luck with improving your stretch technique.

Golf gloves are the best grip-aid I’ve found thus far.

As for the wiggling or loosening idea, some guys will do moving/dynamic type stretches. Up/down, left/right, and rotary or helicopter. Experiment, keep what works, drop what doesn’t.

Started: 2/03, Finished: 5/06, Total Gains: 1.375” BPEL 1.5” EG, Details: Progress after a year or longer off?

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible—M. C. Escher

Johnno I usually ‘yank’ a few times at the end of a stretch. For example, stretch downwards ten seconds, 3 yanks; stretch right ten seconds, 3 yanks; et cetera. Habit though, not because I think it has any major benefits.

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When I stretch, the only way I can maintain a grip is to trap some blood between my fingers and the head. This however builds quite a bit of pressure in the in between area and it becomes very hard. Does anyone else do this? I am worried that that kind of pressure may be damaging.


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