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A question about clamping

A question about clamping

I recently began to incorporate clamping into my routine. However, I have been very cautious with clamping, because I’m scared that a vein in my dick might explode. Honestly, I think I’m being so cautious that my current clamping routine isn’t effective.

My question is this: To what extent should a person clamp? For example, if a person’s girth measures 4.8” (12.2 cm), would clamping not be effective if he clamped to 5.1”-5.2” (13 cm), or should he try to push it to the limit, say 5.5” (14 cm) during a clamping session?

Why isn’t it effective? Are your sets to short or are you just not using enough pressure?

It sounds like you’re being careful now, but that you are eager to forget all of that. I wouldn’t recommend “pushing it to the limit”, especially if you just started clamping!!

I’ve never seen anyone talk about measuring while clamped as a way to judge effectiveness. So I’m not sure what it would mean at different girths.

Keep your sessions to 10 minutes, no more than 3 in a row and use a wrap. Clamp as tight as you can tolerate it.

Your veins won’t explode.

I do 3 sets of 10-15min. My normal girth is 15cm and during my first set it expands to 16cm while clamped (15.5 while not clamped).

During the next 2 sets, the expantion is the same (16cm), unlike what I thought it should be (get bigger) - as it happens to some clampers.

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I think expecting 0.7” expansion is a bit much but everyone is different. I usually clamp close to my max and I don’t think I get 0.5” expansion.

One idea I have is that you would get more expansion if you are not fully erect since the tunica is not “hardened” by the erection and therefore more flexible. More plumpness going on. Not sure how you would generate the same amount of pressure as when clamping fully erect though…perhaps pushing the clamp forward…?(careful newbs)

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Bear in mind that clamping expansion not only varies from penis to penis, but it will be proportional to the girth you’re working with. Therefore if 2 penises experience a 10% expansion in the clamp, a 4.5” girth will get less expansion than a 5.5” girth.

Forget about expansion for now, just work on building a consistent and tolerable routine. Clamping should be enjoyable in the right hands. :nodding:

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