A quest for knowledge: time PE'ing and it's relation to gains

Like most of us I have experimented with many different approaches to PE. The one that seemed to work the best was performing a 60 minute routine five days a week. However, I am still making gains and am always trying new workouts and exercises.

I have conjured a simple system to determine how efficient our workouts are called the Penis Enlargement Time/Efficiency Figure (or PETEF for short).

1) Measure your gains in a month’s period. (For example, 0.14” length gain in January.)

2) Work out how many minutes you spent PE’ing that month. (For example, 20 days x 45 minutes = 900 minutes)

3) Divide the number of minutes by the amount you have gained. In this case, 900 / 0.14 = 6429 (rounded off to the nearest whole number).

What we must strive to do is decrease the final figure. And using this method, we can determine who is gaining the most and how it is connected to the amount of time they dedicate to PE.

For example, somebody may have gained 0.1” and have a PETEF of 6000, but somebody else may have also gained the same amount with a PETEF of 5500 - thus having a more efficient workout.

True, everybody responds differently but there are always going to be patterns to success too.

My PETEF for the month of January was 5333, since I gained roughly 0.15” in roughly 800 minutes of work. Unfortunately my workout was constantly changing so this figure is not accurate for any specific workout. However, I will use the PETEF system to grade routines in the future, and I hope others will do the same.

For those that have extensive records of their PE careers, it might be interesting to calculate the PETEF for the different months to determine which of your routines worked the best, how long it worked the best for before plateauing etc.

Please post your PETEF’s.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.