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A "Plateau" Stage?

A "Plateau" Stage?

I’ve seen a number of people mention reaching a “plateau” stage and wanted a little more info.

I’d been jelqing for about 3 mos and had very good results, but then it seemed like I’ve gone through a period of very little growth which has been very frustrating considering my routine had been the same. I was starting to wonder if I’d “maxed-out” or something.

Now from what I’m reading, I may have reached a “plateau” stage where I’m assuming very little growth happens.


1. Is this stage common with most people?
2. Did you change your routine when you reached this stage?
3. How long did this stage last until you started seeing noticable gains again?
4. Will the gains from now on be much slower as compared to the first 3 mos?


I reached some plateaus too.
This made me jelq longer. To no advance.
Then I stopped for some weeks and restarted. This made me grow again.
Now when I reach a new plateau, I stop for some weeks and begin again.

Gains are slower than the first months, but there is still growth.

More than a few of us had zero gains for our first three months (or more). Don’t wory if you have reached a plateau. Taking a break can help, or, do a search on “shock routine”

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Most newbies get a fast gain, than it slows down and it will even seem stuck some times, just keep plugging, maybe throw a few changes into your workout and some more time or add some more rest time. Just try to keep it fresh. Sometimes I do a shock routine of maybe 2 hours of jelqing and squeezes. You have to be real careful when you go that long. I did one for about and hour today and was doing a lot of squeezes and my dick was freaking fat. But than I got a little carried away and felt a sharp pain but I let go right away and stopped and my dick seems ok.
I have been doing this new squeeze I think I made up it’s a mother fo, I will post how to this squeeze soon.


Thanks for all the info. I’m trying to figure out the next best route to take. I’ve been Jelquing for about 5 mos with the following routine:

Hotwrap: 10 min
Stretching: 20 min
Jelq: 30 min
Hotwrap: 5 min.

I picked-up about 1 inch in length in the first 3 1/2 mos, but have seen very little growth since then.

But after doing some further reading about a “shock” routine and lighter workouts, I may change up my routine.

It seems a number of people would consider this routine as “overworking” it. Noticed a lot of posts from people who say they only do 5-10 min of streching and 10-15 of Jelq and appear to have great results.

Maybe I’ll take a week off and then start again with the light routine and see what happens.

Everyone goes through plateaus. If you think thats frustrating, it doesn’t get much easier :) . I think everyone’s gains slow down after the first months, I KNOW mine has slowed down, which kinda sucks.

You could add more time or reps. Take a break for a week or so. Do a shock routine. Or do different exercises.

I had a plateau for about 3 or 4 months, got a 0.5” gain from hanging, then hit another plateau. Then I took a month off and, worked my ass off the last 5 months and finally got an extra 0.25”x0.125”.

0.125” in girth in 5 months. Now thats frustrating LOL

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."


I got really good results with two 20 min jelq routines one in the morning and one before bed. I used to do my stretches whenever I could you know while in the bathroom at work or laying in bed. You might be at the stage when you need to increase time. I don’t know how old you are but I’m in my 30’s and I have seen that guys my age re-gain alot of lost size in the first couple of months. I remember being 7 inches when I was 21 and than when I started PE at 37 I was 6.25 so it’s very true what they say if you don’t use it you lose it. You doing very well it took me a year to gain an 1.25 and 21 months to gain 1.75. PE is a long term effort.

Hey YGUY it’s getting tuff to get girth “Huh” me do, it’s getting tuff to get gains Period.



I’ve recently been a member of the “no gainers club”. It lasted for about 3 months. I preservered, continued my workouts and relied on the guys in the forum to keep my motivation out of the toilet. At about 3 months I was fed up with my lack of gains and I took a 10 day rest with no PE at all. Let me tell you that was tough.

After ten days off I got back into PE. Two weeks later I am happy to post a 1/8”++ gain. It was worth every agonizing day of no PE.

Another area you can concentrate on is the mental aspect of PE. Going throught the motions will only do so much. It’s not necessarily the quantity of the work outs that count but the quality also. Maybe that may be an area to help you with breaking the plateau.

Good luck!

Goodwood :chuckle:

Sure is man. Doing PE atleast 20 days of each month for the last 18 of 19 months tends to drive you crazy.

Good thing I got the gym to release frustrations on, or I’d go nuts lol

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Yeah, you are right. You sort of get addicted to your routine and the thought of stopping for a couple of weeks or for a month goes against your natural desire. Tough to imagine not doing it for an extended period of time.

But I think I will continue my routine this week and then see if I can “force” myself to take 7-10 days off as a rest period. Then maybe I’ll start back again with a new modified routine.

But this is a great site for support. Nice to know others have faced the same challenges and have managed to overcome them. I had not heard of a “plateau” stage and was seriously considering stopping PE exercises thinking I had reached my limit.

Now I’m more dedicated than ever.


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