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A ? on copyrighted material

A ? on copyrighted material

Ok, how do the guys who are members of whatever site that is a pay one talk about their exercises or routines? Is there like a no plagerism rule? Do they reword it. Compile in their own words? How about parathetical notation like high school and college from the MLA?

I am a cheap ass and have not used a pay site, but i see the moderators always editing these posts concerning that. I am just curious that is all. Thanks! TT

Hey TT,

We are a non-profit educational type setup here and we could probably get away with using the exact text. It is more of a ethical thing with me. I don’t mind someone using their own words to explain an exercise from a pay site, but I don’t like to see a cut and paste job done. No matter how sleazy the site is. Also it is a good thing to give credit to the site or forum where the material came from. Puts us one step above the guys who just rip the stuff and claim it as their own.

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Ok dually noted! I was just curious as I have written or am writing over 13 assignments that are term papers, query test, research projects, and film reviews. I am Liberal Arts Man! So, just needed to know the protocols, I agree! Thanks! TT

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