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A Newbie Again?

A Newbie Again?

I’ve been thinking about a post Bib made a while ago regarding the gradual toughening of the tunica (the collagenous tissues thickening, because of PE-imposed stresses, over time). This appears to be an inevitable – and undesirable – side effect of PE. The irony, of course, being that we need to PE to grow, yet PE also makes the growth process continuously tougher.

This is one of the main 2 reasons why newbies shouldn’t attempt advanced workouts (the other reason being, obviously, injury). I’m a proponent of newbies establishing a minimal base workout. Don’t increase until you need to – i.e., gains have stopped. Often times, less is truly more.

But, for us veterans, we often toughen-up our cocks to the point they’re able to withstand a lot of abuse, while yielding very little in the way of new growth.
The remedy which has been suggested is a lay-off (hopefully resulting in the de-conditioning of those stronger, more stubborn collagenous tissues). This is where I’m now at. I cannot jelq any harder – nor am I willing to pull any harder – than I’m now capable (obviously, I could still manipulate the time/volume of those workouts – but I don’t have that much time at present to do so).

So, I’m thinking of a good lay-off, then trying to begin again as a newbie. Actually, I really only want another 1 – 1¼ inches of EL, and I’m okay with my girth (6”+). I’m considering a workout given to me by the only guy I know in “real life” who’s fessed up about PE to me (an old buddy I hooked up with at a bar, over many many drinks). But he told me that he went from 5” to 7” EL (BP or NBP unspecified). He outlined a very simple routine which I’m thinking of doing when I return from my lay-off:

Workout – done 7 days per week
1) Hot wrap (4-5 minutes)
2) Mild stretching (2-3 minutes)
3) Wet Jelqs *
4) Intense Stretching **
5) Hot wrap (3-4 minutes)
& dietary supplementation (2x multi-vitamin/mineral &, as he put it, “lots of ginseng”).
* He began wet jelqs at 100/day – 7 days per week. Every 2 weeks, he bumped up that amount by 50. He was eventually doing “over 600 each day.”
** The intense stretching he described seemed to be mostly “SO”, using both hands. He began that at “about 10 minutes” and added “a minute or 2” when he’d up his jelq numbers.

He said it took him less than a year to gain those 2 inches – and he’s managed to keep them after he quit PE (he quit at his wife’s insistence). I don’t know how effective this workout would be for a veteran, but I’m willing to give it a try (I’ve never PE’d 7 days per week, though – that might make this routine tougher than it first appears).

Any thoughts?

I think this is a great route to take. I was at the same point you are at now. After hitting 8” in November of 2002, I hadn’t made an erect length gain since. I was at the point, where I could not do anymore. After a full year without gains, my tissues stopped responding to the abuse I was giving it. I couldn’t do PE any harder, so something had to give. My tissues had to get weaker(de-condition). My LOT was at 6, so my lig gains were finished.

I recently took a 7 week break from PE, which was torture, but I was hopeful my tissues would de-condition. I started back up PE, approaching it as a newbie, doing light routines of 5mins stretching, and 5mins jelqing. I was also hot wrapping before and after the PE routines, something I had previously stopped doing in recent months. I had been doing this 6-7 days/week, just like your friend suggested. At one point, I had done 8 consecutive days of PE. After just a month back from the break, I hit 8.25” bpel, which was a first, and consistently leveled off at 8.125” bpel, since then. Small gain, but progress for a short amount of time. My LOT is still the same at 6.

So I agree with the approach that your friend suggested. I’d atleast give it a shot, if you’ve been stuck for awhile. The toughest part won’t be doing the routine 7 days per week, it’ll be that break. The break was torture.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

My best PE day is usually the day after my rest day, so I would probably go for 6 days on and 1 off.

I really hate counting jelq reps, so I would time it, and say increase in 5 minute intervals instead of 50 count intervals.

I don’t like to stretch after jelq, because it drains all my girth away, so I would finish with the jelq. However, you said you were happy with your girth. So I guess I would say use KY to wet jelq with as it is easier to clean up to prepare for the stretch.

I believe ginseng is a blood thinner so I would stay away from that because of possible bruising. I would substitute L-arginine instead.

Other then that, it is a great idea/routine!

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.


It is sure hard to stop, I’m still getting gains with the bib so I’m not going to change my workout till the gains stop again. But sometimes you just need a brake, I took almost a month off a while ago when I had just reached 8.5 and I was getting a lot of swelling it cost me a .25 gain that was never cemented but after I started again it came back in 2 weeks, it was almost like muscle memory. Sometimes I feel like going back to when I just jelqed at 70% I wonder if my gains slowed because my workout got so advanced. Sometimes I think jelqing was so popular for so long because it works better than anything.

Hey Yguy I’m glad your starting to gain again I have always hoped we hit 9 around the same time.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

You could also try using a stretcher for a month and then go back to your veteran workout.

YGuy, gprent101, Dino, & Piet - thanks for some great ideas.

I also experienced a slight loss that was not cemented - I had reported a 7.6” BPEL, but in 3 recent measurements I could only hit 7.5”…, amend my current travails to this: only 0.5” EL gain in 13 months. :(

I have to take a different approach. As was stated, and concurred by YGuy, there just isn’t anymore abuse I can deal out to my unit. But I’m sure the layoff will be tough, psychologically. But what the hell else can I do? Torturing my unit for 13 months….for what?

And Dino, you may be just right about the 70% jelqs. Here’s a possible theory: As we “advance” in PE, maybe - just maybe - we really don’t need to get crazy (i.e., all the super-intense advanced shit). Maybe some strategically-placed lay-offs are all we need.

The Soviets were famed for breaking up their yearly and quadrennial (Olympic) cycles with that approach. Using phases of loading, superloading, then a drop off. (1) conditioning, (2) super-conditioning, (3) brief deconditioning.

I would say that we probably do need to up the ante somewhat as we progress - but probably not as crazy as we tend to do it. I often wonder if all that wild shit isn’t just building a stronger dick, not a bigger one. I can bang my unit against the desk like a hammer, and I get as hard as stone - but the gains are no longer forthcoming.

Time for a change.

I don’t remember his handle name now, but somebody posted (a few weeks or so ago ?) that he had only jelqed 10 years ago and gained I think he said 2 inches just from that. He was surprised to find out at Thunder’s all the variations that are now being done. I’ve seen him post more than once here lately, wish I could remember his handle.


Sometimes I think we are trying to reinvent the wheel, and the wheel is already perfect. Lets face the two things that have been around for the longest time are jelqs and hanging and maybe the reason is that they work the best.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Hi All, Very interesting thread this!

I think that a layoff may well be a good idea. As Wadzilla said, may be your just growing a stronger unit, not a longer unit.

As far as jelqs and hanging goes…ALL my gains (since Im a newbie, probably doesnt mean much, but here goes anyway) have been by way of jelqs and manual streching (almost excusively straight down).

Also, my workouts have until now been short (less than 10 min), moderate (no discolouration until I tried gprent101’s squeezes) workouts.

I really believe that as a newbie, the worst you can do is to over do it. Too much too soon is worse than too little too late. After all, a slow gain is better than no gain!

Ok then wadzilla, but when would you up the routine by increasing volume?
I mean do you always have a feeling of soreness after each workout?
Does no soreness translate to a useless workout? Are there any other signs for having a good workout?
If I stop getting sore after each workout, should that be the time in which I bump up the amount?

This was pretty helpful, thanks.
Im going to start on this routine now instead,
not sure if I will change the order though.
Oh and if I feel too sore after 5 days I might have 1/2 rest days.

I assume you would attempt to cement your gains before deconditioning

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First of all, if I could guarantee .5 inches every 13 months, I’d be happy. Secondly, I am on my fifth week of a six week break, and it is hard as hell. I pull a little in the shower to make sure it’s still there and do hot wraps if I’m really craving a workout. I can promise you one thing however, your penis will revert back to it’s original (not as tough) state. If you have truly gone 13 months without a solid break, bite the bullet and stop PE for at least a month. I look at it like this, you have gone so long with the penis you have, what’s one month more if it helps future growth.

One foot to go

Wow, gives me hope

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