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A new mod: walkingman


Originally Posted by Klayton
How much activity is there at the Spanish forum?

Is there much original PE idea’s coming from there, or is it a lot of translated stuff from the English forums?

Is Spanish easily the second most spoken language of visitors to Thunder’s? I thought French or German would be as much, but don’t seem to be many members from there.

Loads of Dutch though, it seems. :-k

Some days it is English that is the second language here. The Spanish side appears to be doing quite well (hell they could be talking trash about me and I wouldn’t really know it) and growing rapidly.

Welcome to the mod group walkingman!

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Originally Posted by Klayton
Loads of Dutch though, it seems. :-k

A Dutch forum wouldn’t be achievable. There are 22 million Dutch speakers + 16 million speakers of Afrikaans (which can understand Dutch without problems). This would be way to less for a forum, especially if you keep in mind that Dutch people have very good knowledge of English. A Dutch forum would die out of lack of participation.

Congrats, walkingman :up: .

Thank you ThunderSS it’s an honor for me beign considered mod.

Colleagues, thanks too, only I offer to put my grain of sand and my skills to continue constructing this great site.

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If I knew Spanish better I’d say something like:

¡Felicitaciones! Necesitas ser vigilante a las oraciones del wayward de la gente que participa aquí. ¿Cuánto esa alpaca blanca en la ventana del almacén cuesta? ¿Y si compro esa alpaca, consigo un descuento en la salsa de chile caliente ardiente que utilizaré hacer vino?

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