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A New Look at Measuring

A New Look at Measuring

I have yet to hear this ever mentioned, so I think it’s safe to say it’s a new or non-discussed topic. That means - LONG POST!

Going about my measurement a few weeks ago I noticed something about my body that was creating great variances in length measurements. Here it is:

The suspensory ligament runs off the penis and starts an upward route up the abdominal wall. It is at this critical junction between abdomen and penis (known as the pubo-penis region, I believe) where we make our measurements for length. It is also at this area that the ligament stands out during an erection and can lead to variances in measurements.

I found this out because I used to use a big metal rule for measurements. I would basically set it up straight over my penis, covering about 2/3 of the top of the penis and press in for the measurement. Verrrry uncomfortable. So I took the advice of an earlier post and created a 1/2” thick wooden dowel to use for bone-press measurements. This is very comfortable and thus more reliable. It’s quite easy to make accurate 1/8” and 1/4” marks if you take the effort.

The wooden dowel method helped me see we can produce two very different measurements. The first is if you put it *directly* over your own rod and measure. The other is if you put it off to the side a bit, covering the left or right side of the top of the penis (not down the side of the penis). Here’s what’s happening with the two measurements:

When you put it directly over the top of your penis and thus measure straight down the center, the dowel (or ruler if that’s what you’re using) is butting up against the ligament and not the pubic bone. The ligament stands out during an erection far greater than it does when flaccid. This is also not at all comfortable to press against. Anyhow, the ligament actually ‘shortchanges’ you because the ligament is (I estimate) anywhere from 1/8”-1/4” thick (with an average of 3/16”??).

So let’s say you measure in that above stated measurement. Your measurement reads 7” on the mark (woo hoo! some of you say). Now move that measuring device over to the left or right side of the top of the penis. Measure again and now you’ll find that the measurement has increased! This is because you are butting up against the pubic bone and have bypassed the ligament. And undoubtedly it’s more comfortable.

[If anyone is having trouble imagining how the ligament affects things, consider in your mind a wall. Now picture a large hose running up that wall. Clearly it stands out from the smooth plane of that wall. This is like the ligament standing out atop the pubic bone area. As a former surveyor, I can tell you that if I was tasked to measure from a point on the ground to that wall, I would bypass the hose and measure against the wall’s surface because the hose would be a distortion of the reading.]

I believe abutting the measuring device over the ligament is incorrect and leads to inconsistent measurements simply because of the discomfort factor. One day you may feel capable of jamming a bit more than the next. Or it may be a significantly stronger erection with greater ligament tension. Each of these is very small by itself but can lead to increased variance.

My thinking is that the most accurate method is to measure slightly offcenter, avoiding the ligament entirely. While this gives a greater reading, I don’t say it for the sake of ego. I think it’s primarily valid because if you look down at your penis during a strong erection you will see that the ligament usually stands up some in that region but that there is some penile volume that exists around and against your body, kind of like ‘behind’ the ligament junction, for lack of a better phrasing. Look at it yourself next time and you’ll see what I mean. We are not accounting for some of our penis when allowing the ligament to distort readings. For me, the difference is as much as 1/8”. That’s alot of PE effort, wouldn’t you say??

OK, that’s about all I have to say about that, Bubba…..

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Does anyone use a conventional Tape Measurer to record length as well as girth. ( the type tailors use )


Although don’t use a dowel (I use a ruler that is devoid of sharp edges), I press slightly to the right of midline for the same reason and also have noted about 1/8” difference. I think the main point is to be consistent. I think you make a good case for both the use of a “dowel” and pressing slightly off of midline.


I find it difficult to measure accurately the length with those things. My short little fat fingers are too clumsy handle.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Ok, so I THOUGHT that I was being honest with myself. Seems that my NBP and BP measurements were even more out of line than I wanted to believe. All my life I had been measuring BP to the pubic bone (PBP) and that gave me 5.25” which I could tolerate mentally. I just could not accept that my penis was in truth only 4.75” NBP. Several people have noted that their NBP and BP gains were different. I too noticed this but I was “convinced” that the difference was ONLY .5” when in truth there is 3 measurements.

NBP = Non Bone Pressed. LIGHTLY touching the ruler to the skin and measuring penis length.

PBP = Pubic Bone Pressed. This measurement can vary depending on body fat. Mine has been consistant at 1/2”. This measurement, to be consistant, should be taken to the top of the bone not the area curving inward closest to the penis. Interestingly, during sex I can press my penis into a vagina PAST the point of NBP to effectively PBP depth. So, is this the REAL length? Usable length is usable length is it not? Now, as I said above the pubic bone curves inward at the base of the penis and that give rise to the 3rd measurement.

DBP = Deep Bone Pressed. This may in fact be tendon pressed as the ruler is pressed between the inwarding curve of the pubic bone and the top of the penile shaft. This yields the longest measurement and is nice on the ego. However, it seems that the tendon can gain slack from PE and this measurement could grow even though no more usable penis is actually achieved. What is our goal? A longer “measurement” or real usable penis growth?

So, in light of the above, my measurements are as follows:

Starting, 8/24/01, 4.75 NBP, 5.25 PBP, 5.75 DBP, 4.375 EGMS
Curent, 7/9/02, 5.5 NPB, 6.0 PBP, 6.625 DBP, 4.75 EGMS

I think it’s necessary to document penis length and growth accurately, not for fudge or ‘ego’ data. That being said, I personally hold the dowel about 1 inch above the pubo-penis area (where the penis attaches to the pubic area) and hold the dowel parallel to my penis (again, surveyor in action!), which is at a right angle to my body. This avoids as much as reasonably possible the dip in the pubic bone, as far as I can tell.

So I guess it’s just the PBP measurement you are describing, but offline or offcenter of the suspensory ligament. Because as Luvdadus pointed out, consistency is the key and it’s hard to be consistent when you are trying to overcome discomfort. I can remember a pressure level somewhat decently (which is just short of discomfort) but I know if I measure against that lig I will hit pain before I get that sucker all the way up against the bone.

Another Way to Measure

For those who are pumpers

Tape/attach a water proof tape measure to the outside of the cylinder.

As you gradually increase the vacuum inside, the penis can be seen and measurements taken at different stages of the routine.

Then in the final stages, using just a little more vacuum, the open end of the cylinder is pressed (every time) as far into the pubic area as possible.

This will give a repetitive method of measurement of the penis length. The girth can be dealt with by the diameter of the cylinder being used, or by the simple use of a dress makers tape measure.

For those who are not pumpers

Tape/attach a tape measure to a cylinder with a larger diameter opening at both ends than your penis girth, during a complete hard moment, place the cylinder over the head/shaft and push into the pubic area as far as possible. This will give the erect length. These methods have not cause me any pain.


I really couldnt follow the discussion going on here, started getting a headache since I just woke up from a nap. I can say however that I measure with the measuring tape that tailors use (as forementioned), and I never use bone pressed because I feel that to be seriously cheating. Bone pressed is recording some length thats not even visible to the eye. It doesnt matter where you record from though as long as you stay consistent so you can see gains.

If you do a search, or read several thousand posts, you’ll see this has discussed several times before.

I agree with you Renegade. An official length measurement would be best, but it is resisted for various reasons.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

Buster, I don’t have the ligament problem. It goes from dick to bone.:) Or is that bone to dick? No protruding ligament. Does everyone else’s ligament protrude like yours?


Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

Ok. This is where I also have some concerns. When I measure over the lig, I get a little over 7.6”; when I measure to the side of the lig, I get 8.1”. That’s a big difference, my lig is taking .5”! If I have stretched my lig to make it protrude farther out, then I have gained more than I think. So I am still debating on which measurement is more accurate.

I don’t think measuring BP is cheating in anyway, I just think NBP is highly variable.

For those of you who have a goal of 8 X 6, are you satisfied if you reach 8(BP) X 6??

Peing since--November 2003

Having reached 8 1/4 BP / 7 3/4 NBP, I still feel too small :P I’m going for 8x6NBP. My ideal scenario is to have a cock big enough where a chick can take out a ruler, and without “pushing in” get an easy 8”.

8" x 5 3/4" NBP.

My Pics

I dont understand what you guys are talking about. What do you mean when you measure to the side you get an inreased length? I measure straight from over the top centered area of my dick.

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