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A NEW lig stretch...maybe?

A NEW lig stretch...maybe?

alright, you get rock hard, then place your hand ,palms down, on the top of your unit and push down towards the floor, hold a few seconds, release and repeat. For a bigger challenge, you should do a kegel while pushing it down for added resistance.

Is this a new strech? If it is, im gonna name it the “GoStretch”, hehe. If its not, kindly enlighten me.

I’m doing something similar while squeezing. First off I do my squeezes while erect as possible. With my right hand squeezing just behind the head from above, and my left hand squeezing the base from above, I push down with the left hand(base). There’s a nice pull in the ligaments that way and it also forces me to squeeze harder making my squeeze routine more effective. Call it what you will. It seems like it may be helping my girth, though it is new and way too early to tell. Really it all boils down to the same thing, forcing your junior to expand beyond it’s normal range.


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Well as for using the kegel, if i’m not mistaken that would defeat the purpouse of the stretch as the pc would take the slack and not the ligs.

Also as for the stretch in general I think that it’s a bit dodgy, but if any of the pro’s here has the awnser to this it would be cool.

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