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a new approach

a new approach

well, i was thinking of going back to stretching.

but for all of you frequent flaccid stretchers out there, i have a question.

how much, if any, has the angle of your erection gone down? does it still stay up?

i’m just wondering, because i’m kinda worried about losing my slight upward angle. being horizontal doesnt seem too great for me.

I didn’t notice in any decrease in erection with Flaccid stretching at all, or the angle.

One thing you can do if you’re worried is to supplement flaccid stretches with another exercise that is beneficial to erections.

One exercise beside pc muscles, that I like and seems to work, is this.

While fully erect, perhaps laying down. Grab the base in an ok grip with the left hand, and pull to the left while moving as much of the base as possible in a circular motion. Then repeat with the other hand. Do it as much as you like.

I found this seemed to increase the quality of my erections, don’t know why.

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