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A new approach for hard gainers

One month down of my six week break and spirits are high. Although I have not measured for the last month, my erections are rigid and seem a bit longer and my flacid stretched seems slightly better as well. This could obviously be incorrect, but it’s nice to have a positive attitude. I think hard-gainers should keep measuring to a minimum to keep morale up, maybe once every quarter would be enough.

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I think this thread deserves a special flag as well. :BS:

After all, I am claiming both an impressive current size and remarkable gains. Nice observation.

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just a brief history of my PE experiences:

My goal was and still is, a solid 7”. Or in cm: around 17.5 cm. That means no matter which mood I have, no matter in which physical condition I am, I want to have this length. So, solid 7”.
Currently, I can say that I have a solid 6.3” and a optimistic 6.5”.
But now guess: Since almost two years I am not making any progress. Yes, now I will probably see posts saying that I am “obviously doing something wrong.” This is maybe true, but maybe not.
Is it possible to do so many things not correctly in PE? Some of you may immediately answer “Yes!”.

What I did?

Started PE, jelqing, years ago. Gained very quickly - I think in two months - 0.4 inch. I do not know exactly what I did at those days, but it consisted principally of jelquing with no days off. After two months, no gains showed up any more. Then I increased amount of time and intensity but no gains any more.

For almost one year after this, I was experimenting with stretching, pumping and hanging with a self-made hanger without any gains.
After all this experiments, so almost more than one year later, I resumed a jelquing routine. This time a very intense one. 2 hours, only jelquing. No Uli, no horses. REsult: Another gain of about 0.3-0.4 inch in almost 4 weeks. But then, nothing more. For half a year. I also did not implement regular rest days and I did not vary that much the jelquing routine.

After this, I used the bib-hanger for almost 9 months. Hanged only BTC or SD. No gains. I found out that my dick adapts quickly to no-matter-how-high-weights-attached. Wrapping also caused a lot of problems. It was a very frustrating time.

Switched back to jelquing. Used the routine that I described in a previous post. But this time no gains showed up. It was also an intense one but this time nothing happened. I think that already after 3 days I had problems to become fully erect due to overdoing and no rest days.

Used then hanging again, but I always had this quick adaption phenomena, plus wrapping, = including slipping of the hanger, problems. After 8 months, no gains (!), though I worked LOT-specifically: I have a low LOT, so I only worked on the upper angles SO & OTS. (OTS amplifies the slipping tendency: long term hanging not possible, for me).

For three months, I am in a jelq routine now. First, I started a little bit irregularily, but then I followed a more precise routine, of about three days on with 45-60 min, and two days off. Gains: Maybe there are some. I said 6.5” in a optimistic view: Sometimes they are solid.
Currently I think, and this is for the first time, that less (i.e. less time per day, plus regular rest days, ..) is more concerning PE BY JELQUING.


The reason, why I would like to take part in your experiment is because I have observed the following:
I said, that I am doing a three days on, two days off routine.
Well, during the On-Days, I can see the following: On the first day on, I can not get a good work-out. My dick feels a bit tough, and I tend to get quickly 100% erections.
The second day is the best day: I get a real good work-out.
The third day: Here, the work-out is clearly less easily to achieve. Let’s say it is a bit better than on the first day.

All this makes me feel, that I have to take off several weeks, too “discharge” completely my dick and to “surprise him” then with my new modified routine.

Problem is especially the flaccid size, which becomes very small (—> discouraging), and the fear, that nothing will happen after these weeks off. Sometimes, when I take a longer look on my flaccid size, I think that I have not gained anything. It looks as small as at the beginning. At least this is my impression. And there is always this question: How can you gain anything erect when you do not see anything flaccid? Maybe the erect gains are just measurement errors?! -

I am not a friend of pumping. Actually, I have planned to go on with my jelq routine plus doing some hanging during my days off. I think hanging works on your penis in a different way, so there should be no negative interaction.???
Would you recommend some hanging during the time I am off for several weeks now?


P.S.: The main problem with hanging was the fact that I was never able to hang without problems. That means, I was never able to do something else while I “let the weight to its job”. So hanging, for me, was often combined with stress. Principally due to the slipping tendencies + loss of soreness (= adaptation to the weight).
I believe that hanging works. But not for me yet.


Thanks for all the information. Maybe the reason you didn’t gain the 3rd time you tried jelqing was because you were hanging directly before…even though you were concentrating on lower angles at that time, your tunica was probably taking some of the impact due to your low LOT and hense strengthening the tissues.

On a happy note, you should be happy to know that you are able to gain…maybe after finding what’s right for you, you can continually have these short bursts of growth before your unit gets to tough. Also, it is very possible to get erects gains without flacid gains, ask peforeal and avocet8.

I definitely think you should do no PE during your break, none at all. Look at your history, hanging might prevent your jelqing gains from appearing after the break. You must fully decondition…believe me, I know how hard it is to have a flacid that makes you sick when yo see it. Bite the bullet, take arginine and get through it, maybe it’s our only way to ever gain. Try the TheraP wrist strap, many say it works wonders for flacid size…but don’t overdue it because it might delay deconditioning. At least you know you can gain erect length, I’m still not sure sometimes.

Are your measurements BP?

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Also, when you are fully deconditioned, you will probably be able to jelq for half the time (or even less) with better results. This will save time and feel good in the long run. Also, if you belive hanging is the key (I never tried), maybe you should consider getting a Bib before it’s too late. I simply won’t spend the money on it right now since I just bought the pump. I probably should have done it the other way around. Oh well.

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Oh, I see you have the Bib…I must have missed that. Why not a fan of pumping? Do you have a girth goal as well?

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Originally Posted by rushmore
Hello, my name is rushmore, and I am a hard gainer.
(other members applause)

In a span of 9 months, I have experimented with various rest schedules, work-out schedules, extended breaks, angles of attack, etc., with gains of only .4 x .25. This has been very difficult for me since many others seems to gain this amount in their first month. I used to get down on myself, but have since realized that it is not my fault. Hard gainers aren’t doing anything wrong or different from easy gainers, they are just hard gainers…plain and simple.

In light of this fact, I have decided that I need to do something different. The little that I have gained seems to have either manifested during a break (6 week), or at the very beggining of a cycle (ie. when I firs started and after my break). I realize that it is very difficult to take breaks, especially for hard gainers, since we are afraid that without constant work we will never grow. I believe this is hindering us, with constant work we will never grow.

I am suggesting a 10-12 week on and 6 week off schedule, to promote deconditioning and new growth. I believe that hard-ganers have something other than a low LOT, we have a tendancy for our dicks to become conditioned very quickly…meaning more and more energy needs to be expended at rather short intervals. This is difficult and depressing, and in a manual routine…almost impossible to keep up with. Additionally, I believe that during this 10-12 week cycle, as little rest as possible should be taken (in terms of rest days). These can be very detrimental to hard gainers, as they allow the tissues to toughen even more quickly. Obviously, listen to your body and don’t hurt yourself.

These are my thoughts, I am currently on week 2 of a deconditioning phase, and yes it is very difficult…but PE’ing every day with no results is even more difficult. Train smarter is what I am trying to do. Also, since flaccid size tends to shrivel back rather quickly during breaks, making it even harder to finish a rest cycle, I have decided to supplement with Arginine during my extended breaks to help combat this physiological and psychological problem. It should also help recovery. Good luck everyone.

Good post rushmore. I am a hard gainer as well. Hard gainers unite!


I also made the mistake of investing heavily into pumping before buying a bib. I now have both and have become equally addicted to both hanging and pumping, even though I’m sure the pumping is what is stalling my length gains, I just can’t give it up or even give it a break. I will continue to work both girth and length together, even though my better sense tells me it is counter productive.


You make a lot of sense, and you are probably right. But I am one of those who simply cannot take a break. In the last year I have never been able to go more than 56 hours without some sort of PE, and if the wearing of golf weights and or the TheraP wrap during my two rest days every week is considered still doing PE, then that means I have not even taken a one hour break in almost a year. But I wish you luck on your endeavors. I support you in your noble efforts of deconditioning on an extended break. Six weeks is staggering, an immeasurable lifetime; I would crumble in six hours. But I think it is the psychological warfare of flaccid shrinkage that will be your biggest battle and possibly your downfall. So arm yourself with a mountain of NOX2 and a TheraP, drink as much water as humanly possibly and let us know how you fair.

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My post was in the “heat of the moment” and not meant to offend. I don’t make light of your hard work just as I don’t make light of anyones claims before they post pics.


Don’t worry about it, no offense taken. Keep gaining.

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those are some impressive gains! I have a hard time resting even when I’m sore. Believe me, I’ve got one tough pecker. I’ll probably stay with it real hard until I see something change.

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

Hey Rush & all the others

keep on posting! In my opinion this is a very good thread. A thread for all the hard gainers.

I think I stick with jelquing. It was the only “secret ancient technique” - this was the description of the first penis enlargement site I found on the Internet: Author: Brandon Reece I think; Mig, say hello to Brandon Reece! - that worked for me. “Worked for me” means, I got some gains.

Yes, you are right, I think half of the work, that means less time each day for jelquing, or every second, would be better. Better than to wring out your unit during a marathon stage every day.
I think I will follow the advices given once by “newbie”. He experienced more or less the same.

What I found out from the past, at least it was the last time when I had some gains afterwards, was the fact that you have to take off weeks. But I would not say that it hast to be 6 weeks or so. Maybe two, three or four are enough. Even after 5 days off you see already a big difference on the shape of your unit after a 30-40 min jelq session. A difference that you can feel the whole next day. Ok, that does not mean that you will have these feelings for a longer time.

Rush, keep me informed what you are going to do.

One short remark to pumping, a remark which should not dicourage you: Pumping creates illusions. Your dick looks very large after a pump session. But it will fall back to its original size. Or even less as you tend to overdo it. At least that what I did.



I just want to mention that from experience, I feel that 3-7 day breaks are detrimental to hard gainers, especially if any amount of fatigue was being reached. This allows enough time for the tissues to heal in a strengthened state. If you are going to take a break for deconditioning purposes, 1 month is the minimum in my opinion. I will keep everyone informed. It seems that Wadzilla, after a long plateau, has just made some great gains after a 2 month complete layoff. This is some good evidence IMO.

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Originally Posted by rushmore

I just want to mention that from experience, I feel that 3-7 day breaks are detrimental to hard gainers, especially if any amount of fatigue was being reached. This allows enough time for the tissues to heal in a strengthened state. If you are going to take a break for deconditioning purposes, 1 month is the minimum in my opinion. I will keep everyone informed. It seems that Wadzilla, after a long plateau, has just made some great gains after a 2 month complete layoff. This is some good evidence IMO.

I agree. I hit a plateau and couldn’t break through. I ended up taking an extended break (almost 5 weeks) after reading Wad’s posts and gained about a 1/4 inch in the first week back!
I also agree with you on rest days…thats why I don’t schedule any anymore unless I feel it necessary and then 2 days maximum.

Ok guys, you have convinced me. I am going to take off the whole June.

And Rush, now I also think you are right. I reflected a bit on the times where I had gained sth. and the times when I have gained nothing.
Gains have always showed up when I had taken off serveral weeks. So I think these long term off times are the key.
And the reason, why I once did not gain anything when I resumed jelquing after a long time, was because I had done an intense hang routine right before. So I went directly from intense hanging to intense jelquing. Always in the belief that more (time, intensity) brings more. At least this I assume.
This year, when I resumed jelquing after a 6 or 7 months hang routine I think I have gained something. Though I did not take a single day off. But my hang routine before was not very intense and not very regular. so I think I did subconcisously a kind of “off-routine”. After two weeks in the jelq routine I measured, and I measured a length that I have never seen on the ruler before, even when I cheated. Almost (so non-solid) 17 cm, when 101 % erect, nbp. But, now I am already 3 months in this jelq routine and I can not overcome this 17 cm barrier. That’s why I am going to take off several weeks, in the hope that some new kick-off gains will show up.
What still makes me sick is the flaccid size! Is it impossible for us hard gainers to enlarge a bit the flaccid length? As I do not see any changes in the flaccid size I often think that my erect length gains is a Fata Morgana. But this is sth that I have already mentioned in a previous spost.

Rush, and all the other slow gainers: keep us (me) informed about your (planned) routines.



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