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A major function of the P.C. muscle


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Amazing Isometrics!

This is a key technique for realizing consistent gains from years and years to come if you so wish. What this exercise does is it Isometrically expands the smooth muscle tissue found in your penis and it consistently and continually expands the elasticity of the penile tendon making unlimited gains possible! You may wish to use a hand towel for this technique. Here’s how to do it:

This exercise requires a full blown erection to perform. Once you are maximized, take the palm of your hand, facing towards the floor and cup it over your glans (penis head). If you wish to use a hand towel it’s just as effective and we’ll explain how as we go through this.

Now, slowly and gently, push your penis towards the floor. Go as far as you can comfortably go but not further than parallel to the floor. If you’re using a towel, gently pull the ends of the towel towards the floor to lower the angle of your penis.

Very slowly, and with great care, begin to flex your PC Muscle by doing a Kegel - just as you learned above in Shoot Like A Porn Star! The secret is to not allow your hand (or towel) to be moved by your penis as your penis fights against your hand (or towel) to raise back up towards your chin.

Once you attain a solid flex of the PC Muscle through your Kegel hold your Kegel flex and your hand (or towel) in place for 10 seconds then slowly release your Kegel and allow your penis to rise back up by lifting your hand (or the towel) from your penis.

Re attain a maximized erection for the next rep. You should be able to repeat this process 5 times - once per minute - for the :15 Solution.

Wouldn’t this be a good exercise for the purpose of adding resistance to your kegels?

When I Kegel my penis gets instantly harder. Does not sound like this comes from blood flowing into the penis, but rather from the “inner” penis cavernosa pushing the blood into the outer penis cavernosa. Works similar to clamping really. Anyway, thats what I think :)


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