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A little like the swimcap....

A little like the swimcap....

I,ve been experimenting with homemade ADS devices lately and I found one that might also work for hanging. Its kind of like the swimcap thing but instead of a latex swimcap I used a piece of t-shirt and balloons to tie behind the head. It works pretty good for ADS and I,ve tried hanging with 2 pounds. What do you guys think? Could this be something to use as a hanger as well or could it be dangerous?

Why do you have access to balloons? Do you work as a clown or something :D

Are you creating a noose with the balloons? Thats somewhat different from the swimcap method as discussed by Tom Hubbard. Do you find that the weight is transferred to a small area behind the glans or nicely distributed?

I think balloon material is great for PE purposes. Cant remember how I came to think about it….

Its not like a noose, more like a ring behind the head that holds the t-shirt in place. I simply tie a knot in the ballon. The pressure is mostly on the sides of the glans and behind it and the underside of the penis.

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Aah. Thanks for the pic, I understand now - ingenious :) I wonder how much you can safely hang off it, please post as you add weight. I take it the balloon material is nowhere near the end of its elasticity. Are these standard party balloons and have you ever had this fail on you? And how are you avoiding pressure on the top, by arrangement of the t-shirt material or some other means?

Sorry for the late reply....

I would estimate only a few pounds would be allowed to hang from it. I am going to use it for som light hanging 2-4 pounds and then we will see.

The problem was that with the latex covering my gland it would produce allot of fluid buildup. When I use t-shirt material, it does’nt stick to the skin as much as it would with latex, but it lets the skin “breathe”.

The balloons are ones that you could buy at any store “party balloons”. They were great to use with the latex and they work just fine with t-shirt material as well. I’ve never had it fail because I tie it pretty tight.

About the pressure on the top: I take it that you mean on the dorsal nerve?

I feel that the balloon material spreads the load of the weight all around its attachement.

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