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A little lesson


Boy that brings back memories of Sister Mary Ignatius of the Mufffin drilling that shit into our little pea brains…..:D

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Another one I love/hate is its/it’s.

Its = its
It’s = it is.

Ownership possession doesn’t count with it. For example, the dick had a hanger on its shaft, not the dick had a hanger on it’s shaft. Maybe other people can post their own loves and hates of the English language world, sort of like group cyber grammar therapy.

BTW, I’d still type like a 10 year old sends text messages if it wasn’t for Thunder’s Place and the excellent policy. Like literally, that’s a skill I honed here, on these plains. But text message language. Please please don’t get me started on all that. I’ll kill somebody.

Spelling mistakes is a good idea for a thread, advocet!

The scary thing is some of these non-native English speakers write better than most of us English only dudes. Well done, guys! (Kinda makes me feel dumb, though…)

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Originally Posted by SS4Jelq
Another one I love/hate is its/it’s.

Its = its
It’s = it is.

…on these plains.

There’s another word confusing in English.

In Spain, it rains mostly on the plains (flat areas.)

However, a woman sitting on the plain could be “plain,” that is, ordinary looking.

But, all dressed up and with makeup on she might be more attractive while flying over the plain on a plane.

But if she didn’t speak “plain” English, to you - instead, tried to impress you with her extended and expensive education, you might be turned off by her attitude at that altitude.

And then there is the confusion of “plane” meaning having no elevations. Doesn’t that apply to “plains” also? Of course it can. I admire folks who can learn English in spite of its problems.




Thank you for the post. As a grammar Nazi it visibly pains me to see poor spelling or mistakes, even if I do make them myself.


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