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A little help anyone?

A little help anyone?

My erections were starting to suffer so I decided to take a little break. I haven’t PE’d since monday. I have had some lig pains all week. Then this morning I go into the bathroom and my dick was shriveled up and pale kind of like post workout ( the regular kind ), but with no workout. I just got back from the urologist ( I paniced ). Of course, while there, everything looked fine. When I got home it was pale again, and now it has cleared up once more. It seems to be intermittent, but it worries me just the same.

Any body ever hear of or experience anything like this?

BTW the doctor had never heard of jelqing, and I’ll give 10 to1 that he’s lurking here tonight.

Worry causes shrinkage. Apply some nice penetrating warmth to your crotch, think evil sexual thoughts and your cock with fill out nicely.

Then resume training at an intensity that promotes growth, not pain.

Hi Doc. Drinking plenty of water chas?

Come to think of it I have been laying off the water lately. I know that atleast some of the shrinkage is from overtraining though. I don’t know how it happened. I was careful to work up gradually, never went to pain, etc., but I guess my dick just got tired and needs a break.


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