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A Little Different Johan AI Stretch


Ok, I'll try to help here..

Make sure you’re completely flaccid. If you start to get any blood pumping in, you will lose your sense of stretching the ligament.

DON’T screw with the PC Kegels. It has no relevancy to this exercise. Johan does it but that’s his thing - we’ve talked about it. Don’t do it, because it makes the exercise a compound exercise and it’s confusing to you as you try to ‘control’ everything properly. And the breathing thing is just something Johan does for himself. It’s a timing issue. It’s fine for him, but you don’t need it. Count one-thousand, two-thousand and so on. Make it simple.

OK, so you are completely flaccid. I suggest wearing a latex surgical glove. That way you have *no* issues with keeping a good grip.

First we’ll just work on the proper ‘feel’:

Take a manual stretching grip (pinky out, thumb in, palm down) with your index finger and thumb and nestle it in there. Now if you are completely flaccid, slowly and gently pull your penis outwards. Eventually you’ll feel it come to the ‘end of the rope’. Now make sure you aren’t straining here like in heavy-duty manual stretching. Just find the point where the lig gets tension. This is what you need to work to.

Now it’s up to every guy to figure out how much tension they want to put on that thing, but those who’ve had success say don’t put much. Make it a mild tension and no more. But it’s gotta be more than just pulling your dick out lightly.

So you pull out (one-thousand one, one-thousand two) and then you just release tension (I do it for a 3-sec count). DON’T let go of your penis. Just release tension off of it and let it rebound.

You need to work to make this a smooth operation. There is no manhandling of the penis in this exercise. Once you put too much tension on the lig, you will start to feel muscles around the base start to contract backwards. Ideally you want to feel completely relaxed so as to keep those muscles from becoming involved.

By doing this you will be able to isolate the ligament for stetching. The idea is to keep the muscles from reacting to the tension you induce.

Just keep it up and you’ll find the right feeling.


SuperStroker and goingdeep,

I´m in the same boat. I just can´t get that rubberish effect that a lot of guys talk about. I pull out and then it´s just a sudden stop, pretty much like pulling a string tied to a lamppost or something very rigid and static; as long as the string (the dick) is not fully stretched you can keep pulling, but when the string (dick) has reached it´s max length, you just can´t pull any further. The lamppost (the ligs) just won´t move a fraction of an inch.



thanks for trying to clear things out. I´ll try to figure it out.

Take care,


Hey Guys

Perhaps I just got lucky in figuring out the AIs. I tried one or two times STRAIGHT OUT. I knew instinctively that this wouldn’t work for me. So, I pulled STRAIGHT DOWN like between the cheeks. After I figured out how to relax and stop the muscle reflex, I hit the ligs big time. By switching hands and the angle of my wrist, I can isolate the left side, center or right. The relaxation is the key. You don’t have to pull extremely hard, but hard enough to feel the strain on the ligs. Maybe when LiL gets back, we can get him to do a video.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

OK, I see..

I didn’t realize this was part of the issue.

When I do it, I am sitting slouched in my chair in what I call the 45deg BTC position - not sitting bolt upright, but ‘sloppy’. Anyhow, when I do it I pull it parallel with my leg. I rest my forearm on my thigh and just kind of pull it down the side of my leg. It’s a very comfortable exercise.

In actuality, I do down (somewhat BTC towards the left or right leg a bit), then to the left 90 degrees, down, to the right 90 degrees, and down again. Three minutes each direction for a total of 15 minutes stretch time.

Perhaps not pulling it 90 degrees straight out from my body helps to get the ‘feel’ - I don’t know.

But sizemoore, I would suggest you think to yourself that you are ‘coaxing’ the penis forward, not so much pulling it taut. Kind of like leading it on persuasively.

I think I have about shot my proverbial wad trying to explain this. Hope you guys can get the hang of it. It works.

Thanks Buster

That was very helpful,

I’ll keep on experimenting with these, and regarding the kegels - you are right, they do make the whole thing more complicated.. but I have to say that sometimes when I do a reverse kegel (like what you do when you empty your bowls..) during the stretch, it does feels very good. like it’s making things more elastic and makes the stretch goes further, and maybe also gives that “rubberish effect” sizemoore was talking about.

wow, finally got that stretching lig feel. I was pulling straight out and it felt too good, like I was getting a semi while doing them. Then I tried btc, finally felt the ligs. whoever said that…thanks!! :)

This sounds interesting as well. Is anyone still doing this one. I am just not to happy with stretching right now, and am looking for something better to do with my hands.

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