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A Little Different Johan AI Stretch

One last point about AI, which has its main foundation in my city.

AI is not so much about contracting the opposite set of muscles deliberately - it is the natural contraction that results from moving the part into place- which causes a more natural and isolated contraction. So even if you can isolate the penis muscles and know which musces are stretching and contracting (which I doubt), it is different that AI which doesn’t use direct contraction for the simple reason that people end up tensing other muscle groups when they “try” and tense one.

One thing I still didn't get..

when you do the 2 seconds stretch - are you supposed to do a reverse kegel, and then kegel in the (2 seconds?) rest between the stretches?

I think some people do that. I think the main thing to be careful with is not to pull too hard. Because its only a two second stretch, some may feel they need to pull harder for some reason. The stretch reflex will be activated immediately if you do that and then you will be trying to stretch a contracting muscle which can just injure and cause the opposite effect of what you want which is more length. Of course, as you repeat stretches you want to maintain a certain amount of pull on your legnthening unit.

I was just saying that real AI doesn’t have you deliberately contracting a muscle other than the contraction that occurs with going to position and in that case, it is the opposite muscles that are contracted, not the one that is going to be stretched, whether its before or after.

However, contracting the muscle that is going to be stretched before or after can fatigue it which will make it easier to stretch so it might not be a bad idea.

I’ve just been stretching avoiding the reflex (2-3 seconds) and its working very well for me. I’m not sure the penis muscles behave like large muscles in the body - I don’t really feel a reflex even doing the stretch 10 seconds however I can feel it right away if I pull hard. This is a protective mechanism. Whatevers happening, I’m gaining length from these short non intense stretches so I think they are good. They save time and that’s good.


What kind of length gains have you achieved? How much of this would you say is attributed to AI or other stretching?

Appreciate your response…

Hey Guys---What are your thoughts about how this relates to hanging weights??

I’m wondering what this all means to relative to hanging weights—-it seems to be the absolute antithesis of all the principles of slow stretching under force. All the evidence seems to indicate that hanging works.

All day stretching is more like AI , it would seem—-especially if you set it up to give the dick a tug each time you take a step—- though it’s not a two second stretch when walking.

I’d also like to put in a plea that we address each other in a civil manner and point out differeces in belief in a constructive manner in these boards. That is what makes them great forums for the spreading of ideas. This thread —-unfortunately— contains some excellent examples of how NOT to post, I’m sorry to say.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

What the hell do you mean! LoL- just kidding.

Gains from AI stretching - I’d say about 3/4 inch. I haven’t measured in a while really cause I’ve gotten what I was after.

I don’t think I got much from 30 second stretches - actually I didn’t get much from 30 second static stretches on major muscle groups either. Most of my other gains came from jelking - but only when I skipped days often.

Honestly, I don’t know much about hanging - the main turnoff about it to me is the time factor however many people have made spectacular gains from it as evidenced by posts here of many of its practitioners. Plus it seems dangerous - even though the reality is that the rate of injury is lower that jelqing probably - still I wonder about the long term effects of hanging and sometimes of pe on the penis (besides initial size increase) in general. I definitely will stop soon.

I think with AI what is happening is that you are successfully stretching muscle because you are avoiding a reflex which prevents injury to muscles due to overstretching. And maybe this in turn allows you to further stretch other structures. That could be wrong however I do know that you could right now increase your flaccid hang by half an inch in a few minutes with 2 second stretches. From there in time, erect legth happens it seems.

Also, you know how when you do 10 - 30 second stretches and the dick gets progressively harder and you get less stretch? This happens to much less an extent with 2 second stretching which I think gives a lot more flaccid stretch like hanging actually. I think it really takes you through the stages of flaccidity very evenly and very, very slowly.

One other thing I do - and I don’t recommend it - its just my own weirdness - on my last set, I’ll get my dick somewhat hard deliberatelly and do a mild set of 10 - 2 second stretches. I’m very careful - you could fuck your dick up with this. I do it much gentler than the flaccid two second stretches. It seems to make a greater erect length right off when I use to measure it. However, I really hesitate saying this as I dont want no one getting hurt by my recommendations.

I think the real length gain is happening during flaccidity anyway,

I do day on day off jelking because it stopped the impotence I was having - my guess because of what was excessive jelqing for me. The jelqing itself has yielded me a solid inch. I do all my measurements nbp - and Im very careful. I stopped doing bp measurements when I was getting growth bp but not nbp which to me just made that measurement useless in terms of getting actual useable dick growth - useable meaning what I could yield to an eye. But its probably better to measure as many ways as makes ya happy.


Thanks—-it was just that it seems so different in concept.

I’m persisting with hanging, but have incorporated AI stretches at the beginning to fatigue the ligs, and ADS afterward—so it’s pretty intensive. For the last 2 days I’ve done about 10 mins pumping in between the hanging and ADS as well—-and I’m happy to say that my dick hasn’t acted up at all badly from this new regime— no doughnut, and even had sex yesterday afterrnoon with a nicely pump thickened dick.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

hmm, I'm curious....

So how long do you guys do these AI stretches? Or how many reps, or reps in a set if you’re doing sets?

p9 you might be on to something….You’re using the AI stretches to fatigues your ligs before you start hanging? So basically you’re somewhat pre-fatiguing your ligs so that all your hanging is spent through the fatigued state? Instead of wasting one or two of your precious hanging sets to fatigue your ligs. How’s that working for you? It sounds ingenious to me….but hey what do I know, I think I”m finally on my way out of the skin stretching stage. 3 day hanging and it’s my 12 set right now total with 5 pounds. (20 minute sets) How long does it normally take for the skin to stop taking all the stress?

I do them differently each time. Sometimes I count reps - I’ll do say 5-10 sets of ten with two seconds of rest in between each rep.

Sometimes I just go for 15 minutes or until I get bored (thats when I start doing weird stuff like stretching with an erection) and forget about sets.

I remember reading a post not too long ago where the poster advocated changing up your routine often - even doing different things from session to session and I think this does work.

I think if you were just starting you should go for reps and sets.

Maybe try 3 sets of 10 (of 2 second stretches) for starters just to get a feel of the rhythm. Rest for at least two seconds in between each 2 second stretch to avoid a jerky ballistic type stretching.

I hope I'm "onto something else" as well........"P9's AI Hanging" ?????

I don’t think I’m the only one doing AI as a preliminary to hanging….but can’t remember where I saw ref to this….or if it’s “mine”.

What may be mine though—-is using my spring balance setup to cycle the force while hanging forward—havent done it BTC yet.

WHen hanging I have traditionally used a spring balance pulling against a number of fixed objects at various heights in the room instead of weights. (But bought a set of weights recently—-damn!!!)

By using body weight pulling against this, you can have any weight — or more correctly force—- that you like.

I have been cycling the force from zero —or 1-2 kg up to about 8- 10 kg on my forward sets for several days now—- and doing a lot more forward sets since I have noticed that after lots of BTC sets my flaccid max stretched length while hanging forward has been “stuck” at 9.5 inches for a long time and that the only way to get more length is lots of forward hanging.


ANyway— the AI ideas led me to start cycling the force— and today I got a max forward stretch of 9+7/8 ” under about an 8 kg load and after several sets of 20 mins. I have had slightly over 9+3/4” before , but today is a new record.

Whether I’m using too much force or not is another consideration—-as the principle of AI seems to be not to pull too hard. I hold for about two seconds

When and whether this translates into actual dick length is anyones guess, cos it’s still around 8.75 BP, 8.0 inches NBP.

If this gets me off my plateau I’ll run it as a thread in the Hangers Forum

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

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P9 wrote:

“I don’t think I’m the only one doing AI as a preliminary to hanging….but can’t remember where I saw ref to this….or if it’s “mine”.”

Nah, Johan and I talked about this a few months ago. Also, a few hangers who were interested in it saw the connection, also. Just that no primary hangers have incorporated it into their routine and given much feedback at this point. So you are a first there.

Good to have you back, Amigo!


I tried the AI stretches today interspersed with my hanging sets. It took a couple of sets to get the relaxation I needed. Holy shit! These stretches really fatigue the ligs. I went to lunch, came back and did 5 sets of 10 AIs then strapped on the Bib with 15 lbs. (my normal weight after 6 morning sets) and had to drop down to 12.5 because my ligs were screaming. I am just finishing up this set right now and I can hardly type. I’ll have to lower my next set to 10 lbs. I am going to take this weekend off from PE, but I know that I’ll be doing some AIs.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

am I the only dumb fuck who isn’t properly doing the AI stretch? Damn, i’m gonna figure it out this week. I must be a retard and just don’t know it because it’s seems easy to do, but I don’t get the effect everyone talks about. Guess I’ll have to re-read the threads.

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Hey goingdeep

Same here, man. I started doing AIs over a week ago, and I can’t get that lig stretch that everyone is talking about. 2 seconds, pull enough for a stretch, rest 2 seconds, and no PC reflexes. Oh well.

I'm the same, still not sure about this..

I asked this before, but still would appreciate some more feedback - what do you guys do with your PC muscle during the stretches? reverse kegel? kegel when resting between stretches? or just leave it alone?




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