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A little confused

A little confused

When I first tested my lot, my lot was dead on 9:00. I have gained about 5/16 of an inch in 4 and half weeks. Just for the hell of it I tested it again, and to my surprise it was at 7:00. I dont think my gains are the culprit, for this though. Is it possible my pc muscle is strong enough to pull my ligs at lower angles? I’ve been doing 1500 kegals a day at different holds. I’ve also noticed my flaccid hang, was better for a short while, and now it’s back to normal.

If downward lig stretching is responsible for your gains, I would expect your results…

Way to go! :)

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The first two weeks, I did stretching in all directions..then the last two and half and did mainly btc, to the left and right under my ass cheeks, no straight out and no upward angles. Do you think I should go back to up ward stretching or maybe incorporate both?

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