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A kingdom for some length!

A kingdom for some length!

Guys, I need help with modifying my routine. I’ve been PEing for a month and a half. I didn’t gain anything. What concerns me more is that I don’t have any of the positive PIs (as listed in sparkyx’s thread). The “well hung” look after jelqing lasts for no more than a few minutes and does not return later, so very soon after the workout my penis looks the same as it always does. I still don’t have a morning wood.

I have a low LOT.

Wadzilla wrote a thread claiming that showers will gain easier than growers because growers have a more elastic penis, and if that’s true (the theory unfortunately makes sense to me), it is just one factor more which makes my potential gains more difficult. I am definitely a grower.

As I explained before, it would be very difficult, close to impossible, to include hanging in my routine, so I am simply stuck with manual exercises.

I’ve been doing the newbie routine. Now I stretch for ten minutes, and as for jelqing, I prolonged my jelq sessions to 20 minutes some two weeks ago, but it was too much for my unit so I went back to some 10-12 minutes of jelqing (and it doesn’t really seem to make a difference).

I need opinions on what I could do, because it seems to me that I’m just wasting my time with my current routine.

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Hey man, don’t get down, theories are just theories, don’t get your head wrapped up in them, If you know Andrew69’s history he was a hardcore grower and has made some of the best gains I know of. Just be positive, patient and persistent with your routine. Read up on all the techniques and tools we like to use for PE.

Here’s what you CAN do.

ADS - Read up on wrist wraps, get one, and wear it all through out the day, take it off for showers, PE, and for sleeping. This will help increase your flaccid hang, and also keep your cock more plump as it heals from PE, there by aiding your gains.

If your looking for length you may want to try hanging, although it is early in your PE career, hanging is one of the best ways for length gains IMO.
Otherwise do stretching and plenty of it(I’d say a good 30min), in all directions: up, down, left, right, straight out. And you may try V-stretches if you haven’t already.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


Perhaps this helps: I also have not seen any gains now after approx. 1 month of PE. Most devastating was that I had temporary girth gains that I lost over night :-( . Still, I’ll stick with PE - the results of the other guys keep me motivated. I guess, the key thing about this is to be patient and persistent about PE. So, Nemanja, perhaps we’re just short of our first gains - we would never find out if we stopped now. So, keep up the work !

Like redwood said, try some v-stretches, and I would suggest also to finish your routine with JAI stretches (3 x 20). If you feel that 20 minutes stretching is too much for you, increase it gradually.


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