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A Jelqing twist - What is this called??

A Jelqing twist - What is this called??

I’ve started to do a slightly different type of Jelqing - I haven’t seen it mentioned (or my searching is off) here yet. Here is what I do:

Grab dude with backwards overhand OK grip (thumb and index closest to body, pinky near gland) at base, hold gland lightly with other hand and gently pull out the dude a little. then do my Jelqing stroke still pulling out with my other hand. As I bring back my jelqing hand and about to grip again at base, I gently pull out the dude a little more and once again continue the stroke. This alows me to really get “deep” at the base.

I’m sure someone else is doing this or has tried it and what are your comments and/or suggestions??

I do something similar, I do the jelq hand the same as yours. But with the other hand I squeeze the gland just a little. I consider it a jelq squeeze.

I’ll do three to four reps very slow then squeeze both hands at the base and the gland. 15 minutes of that and you are huge. It gets massive.

I feel it’s kinda a advance workout. The erection level has to maintain. It has taken me a few months to get to this point. I know I couldn’t do this when I first started.

Also I use a rubberband at the very base around my balls and the top of the shaft.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I think it makes sense. You may get a better increase in length, Just a guess though.

By the way, you can type the word “dick” instead of “dude”. I don’t think anybody will mind. (lol) If you still have trouble try typing it in italics then people will think you are whispering it instead of just daying the word out loud.

Sorry- i just couldn’t help myself. Dude is one word I have not ever heard someone use to refer to their dick.

I also do this. It works much better for me than forward jelqs.

ya the word “dude” was me just being silly. I have no problems saying Dick, Cock, or Penis :)

Another thing I noticed with my dick is when I’m Jelqing at a 50% or less erection, the base is much thinner then the rest of my cock. But when I’m harder it’s not as noticeable?? I am slightly thicker in the middle to top portions when hard but it seems very exagerated when flaccid - weird !

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