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A handsome Penis? How?


A handsome Penis? How?

Since this board is filled with great minds who devise new devices and exercises for a longer, healthier, and thicker member, I propose a question.

How can the Turkey Neck Effect be halted or controlled to reduce the gobbly crease of skin underneath? Do I have to duct tape my backend of the penis to provide resistance against it? Can I Pull with my weaker hand in the opposite direction? What would you suggest? Anything?

How can on a circimsized penis the foresking be stopped from recovering or at least damage controlled from being the biggest it can be. I am American and enjoy my snippedness. I like the appeal of it this way. Any ideas?

I know we all like the more displacement theory like in cars with ourselves. But the Subcompact I am wearing could use a nice touch up and buff. Mabe some rims and a spoiler. These things I can transfer to my Caddy later.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I think skin stretching, to stretch it where you want it stretched, is a good thing otherwise it will just stretch where the resistence is less. I don’t think this has reduced my turkey neck but its helped it not get worse. I nicked that idea from luvdadus.

Awareness of skin stretching in a session is also good, if you are not using enough lube you tend to drag skin or at least I do.

I guess if you are circumcised it is more problematic but at full errection my skin was always pretty tight until I started stretching it.

The skin will probably shrink fit a bit anyway.

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Hey TT

I too am cut and love it. I’ve been noticing since I started back into PE a couple of months ago that I’ve got some extra skin. Turkey neck and on the shaft. When my flaccid is hanging full, I’m ok with it, but when I’m not, it kinda bothers me. When I pull him out to pee, sometimes the skin bunches up around the head. :( Visually though, the only noticeable thing is the turkey neck, which is hidden anyway. (No look of foreskin growing back in.)

My question for you: Since you’ve been PEing longer than me, how much has your skin stretched? Is it like mine (subtle but annoying), or is more extreme, like foreskin restoration?

The best way to fix excessive penis skin: grow the penis to fit.

Sorry for the smart ass post. ;)


There is no replacement for displacement

Shaved up and clean. My girlfriend like it that way

slim pee p

If you want a truly handsome penis you should really try Steve Martins’ Beautiful Penis Cream? LOL, sorry guys it’s an older SNL skit that was brought to mind by the original title of this thread.


Steve Martin is now recommending Elizabeth Arden, I read in The New Yorker.

Mud wrap; narrow, waxed “rip,” followed by “mint cool down,” then the Herbs de Province Warm-It-Back-Up.

He says you leave with a very serious flopper in your pants that is also beautiful.

Cost? Use your MasterCard. It’s not real money anyway.



I thought the foreskin renewal was part of the overall process… When it gets real cold and I pull back to my original 2” flaccid I can be considered uncut even though I’ve been cut all my life :)
BUT my flaccid hang is more in the 5” range more time than not so I think yours is just a temporary issue, you need to grow into your new skin.
The turkey neck thing… It used to bother when I was stretching but it can be stretched gently from the bottom so it kinda lays back. That’s a tough cord on the bottom of your unit and you should use some caution so you don’t tear it..

Good luck, and when did you get into Baltimore? LOL

The ravings of a madman...

Don’t ever put duct tape near the head of the penis!! EVER! I had a bad experience with that when I was trying to find a better way to grip the head. I spent about 20 minutes peeling that crap off. AND it hurt!!!

Oh yeah…And I havent noticed any turkey neck actually. Maybe its b/c im uncut. My balls look smaller to me since i started PE and closer to my body. I want them to hang!!! >:|

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)

Originally posted by popp
My balls look smaller to me since i started PE and closer to my body. I want them to hang!!! >:|

Stretch ‘em ;)

Ball streching


There is no replacement for displacement

I had turkey neck, but since i been doing foreskin restoration it has gone away, basically if your cut tight like i was, Ur erection pulls the skin forward because it needs the skin But if your uncut ur penis will have the skin it needs to cover the the shaft without pulling skin that wasn’t meant to be pulled to compensate!

Having your meatus covered all day is like nite and day. your penis is ten times more sensitive, its just so much more pleasurable during sex then being cut. i never could cum from a bj because of lack of sensitivity , but know my first load is ready to blow in seconds! i actually need to cum 3 times a day now instead of 1 sine the head is so sensitive now!

cyber 8,25 by 6.25 and working on a hood

Hi CyberStud,

What method did you use to restore yourself? This is something that I have bene thinking about for a while now, and would welcome any comments and tips that you may have.



I have read it! tell me exactly what you don’t want me doing because when i post I’m in a rush usually. i work on the net and I’m so programmed to use the universal Internet language of ur, u, lol ect… I honestly don’t see it even after reading my post a few times. I’m not breaking rules on purpose , so if it becomes to much of a problem i will restrain from posting unless its very important. On the other hand my wife says my grammars horrible , so i can understand why you and bib are coming down on me!


just type in circumcision restoration in yahoo or any search engine and you’ll find endless amounts of info. I use the t tape method and attach 1-2 pounds of weight to a pulley at bed time, so I’m getting tunica stretch as im growing a fake foreskin.



It is the i, u, ur, etc that is a problem.
Many members are not that internet savvy and get annoyed or confused by it especially a lot of the members that don’t have english as thier first language.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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