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A girl's opinion on size


Originally Posted by joetool
My GF has been with 4 guys, she told me flat out, she measured all of them, with the last guy being almost 9”. She measured from the bottom side with a tape though.

I just responded with, OK, I get to measure you’re tits!

The number she always throws out is “10 inches would be nice”, I guess thats from all the romance novels, shows etc. Where the guy’s brag about being 10 inches. She’s in love with some of these fantasy guys

Reminds me of the joke: I have ten inches. I mean, you measure a cats tail starting at the asshole, don’t you?

I’ll tell ya, guys, girls are WEIRD creatures. Girls LIE. Actually, they don’t LIE so much as they tell you how they FEEL at that particular moment. If they tell you size matters, it’s only how they feel at THAT precise moment. If they tell you that size DOESN’T matter, again, They are only telling you how they FEEL at that precise moment.

And even at that, they are probably just testing you.

Trust me. Do PE for YOU. As for the girls, learn how to make them feel like a million bucks emotionally and they’ll be having squirting orgasms all over your index finger. With chicks, it’s a heart thing, not a size thing. That kinda levels the whole playing field.

What you believe means nothing.

How you love means everything!

Just to add my story.
I did kind of grill my g/f about it, which in hindsight was NOT good for confidence but I just wanted to know and I liked how open we could both be…

My current g/f is the only one I’ve had an in depth convo about penis size with, and even then I’d say she’s pretty off with guessing and also quite impressionable in this way.
My previous partners had all told me I was big, so I carried a little confidence when asking q’s - made me wish I hadn’t, but hey, live and learn eh?

When I first got with her she told me I was average. She didn’t mean it as a dig, I just said to her - “How does my penis compare” - not in those words but effectively revealing my insecurities in the same way. And the words I got back were “Average”.
Now this was before any PE so I have increased in volume quite a bit since then. Nothing to turn heads but definately noticable, as she tends to let me know also. Anyway.

When I first talked to her about it before my PE days I was given the moster story about the biggest she’d seen - note that I was her first but she had ‘done stuff’ with guys before me, but no penetration - I told her how big mine was (admittedly giving rough BP measurements to help me a little after hearing the monster comment), I got the “It was massive” response, unwilling to tell me a size based on what I just told her.
I continued to say things like “If mine is blah blah, then was his….10?” After which I was told “No, bigger than that”.
At which point I was fairly skeptical about PE I must admit. Because no matter how much I did, I’m not really likely to be able to increase my size to that extent.
At the same time I asked where I was on the scale, and I was told “I don’t know, I’m not good at judging”.
Which in my head just meant, your nowhere near the top, stop probing.

So, confidence in my size nearly completely crushed I ventured into PE.
Month after month I got ‘meaty’ results, if nothing else, but I was happy with this.
Finally I stopped chasing length so much and focused on girth and clamping and since then my penis has increased in general volume quite a lot.

Now instead of the average comments I get “big”, though I am wary of the fact that me bringing up the issue before may have made her aware of me needing a bit of a confidence boost.
However, when asked the same question, after making her believe that I wasn’t doing anything to my penis and that it was just a fuller erection from being healthier - which is true to a certain extent. I am now second. So I have increased so substantially that I rank 2nd…:)
For this reason I don’t think she is just boosting my confidence, because who wants to be second.
However it has made me alot happier with my results, because just hearing “Its bigger” and similar can get a little worn out all the time.

I knew I wouldnt get to the top based on what she told me before but I at least wanted to reveal that her proportions were wrong (without mentioning this to her obviously)
So I asked her the same question about how big the biggest was, compared to me, and she told me about an inch longer, at max. But thicker.
This is what makes me believe girth is what can make a dick look huge.

Being #1 is important to me, but I realise it will be difficult. However I will persevere.

Sorry for the waffle…

Oh and one more thing I just wanted to add. Which kinda shows the whole thing of girls not thinking in inches (as we know) and instead in comparisons by guesstimate or proof.
During a session while my girl was on her back I put my penis up to her foot, which was about the same length (for some reason), after which I got the shout “Wow, youre size 5!”
I checked after she left and a UK size 5 is like 9.5”, obviosly the measurement was off. But now she has a vision of the size of my penis for reference (without measuring in front of her) and seems to compare me more…not a problem, but just something interesting i noticed…

Well, you’re unlucky that she has had someone bigger than your size. That would be rare, since you’re massive.

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She always told me she didn’t like HUGE penis’ any way (from before we got together) and that she was ‘unlucky’ in that all the guys she met had pretty big penis’. (lol) This was in comparing with what her friends had said and due to seeing bigger ones she had changed her perception of average

You guys do know that this thread is some 3 years old?

We should have everyone ask at least one female friend and then we could have a good general cross section.

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Originally Posted by Yoyototo
We should have everyone ask at least one female friend and then we could have a good general cross section.

I did so already, I got a range. 7-8 by 1.4-1.8 lateral so that would be what 5.3 to 6? Good news for me at least. Only advice I can give guys who want to do this, ask a girl who is not your gf or wife and she must not know your size or even have a hint to your size. The reason is to get an unpartial answer. A girl who knows your size will most likely give a size close to yours as an ideal.

NB. Said girl does not know my size or even has a hint to it.

We should start a conversion chart so that when we are asked our dick size, we can say “Its a UK size 8, that’s a USA size 9 or EUR 42.4…..” :D

Originally Posted by firegoat
We should start a conversion chart so that when we are asked our dick size, we can say “It’s a UK size 8, that’s a USA size 9 or EUR 42.4.” :D

That’s a good one, Firegoat!

Originally Posted by firegoat
We should start a conversion chart so that when we are asked our dick size, we can say “Its a UK size 8, that’s a USA size 9 or EUR 42.4…..” :D

Do we need to have an amperage rating, too?

Gals lie almost as much as men. A few of my ex-gal friends told their gal friends that I was 10+ inches long.. Lol it was more like 8 something. Funny though. It seemed they like to talk shit to their friends but when it comes time for the real thing, they all moune and grown like noobs.. Lol allow me to say, with 8+ inches, no gal will be unhappy unless you orgasm in 30 seconds. So 90% of the world that I know is, if they say it’s 9”-10” long, it’s prob more like 7”-8”. Something like only 1 in 200 men are 9”+ inches long. 1 in 100 are 8”+ inches long, and 1 in 500-1000 are 10”+ inches long.

Changes are most gals didnt sleep with 1000 men, so it’s usually a lie.

Originally Posted by BusterHymes

Do we need to have an amperage rating, too?

A friction co-efficient would be more useful. :D


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