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A few questions I would like answered

A few questions I would like answered

Hi guys. I love PE! Lol
I have a few questions thought, here they are!

1)The home-made “rice sock” does it matter what type of sock you use? Also how long should it be placed in microwave for and is it reusable?
2)Can you do “too many” kegals in a day? Or is it “all good”?
3)Do stretches with *no* hot wrap have any effect?
4)My erect length varies, with a difference of upto a quarter of an inch - how can I get a *real* measurement for checking on my PE gains? I seem to lose hardness by the time I’ve got the ruler there! >(
Thanks for your advice guys!

1) Use a cotton sock, not a poly one. And don’t use Minute Rice. Use totally raw rice. If cotton and raw rice, many, many times reusable.

2) Work up slowly on your Kegel routine, adding only a few more each day. If you ever feel pain or stress in your perineal area (between your scrotum and your anus) drop back.

3) Probably they do. Certainly a lot of guys here give their units a yank when the go to urinate at work.

4) Use the Bone Pressed method. Gradually your head and your cock will figure out together that measuring is not a time to turtle up. But that may take both of them some convincing. All you have is Ruler Phobia.



Ruler Phobia! Haha that genuinely made me laugh! It’s true though, but it’s so annoying!

Hey slack,

1) You may also want to try Flax Seed. It holds heat better than rice.

2) Yes you can do too many. I strained myself a little while back so like avocet said, work it up slowly.

3) I think the best reason to use heat is to prevent injury. If you are not using heat, go easy on the stretches at first until you are properly “warmed up”

4) You’ll get used to measuring. That’s what they say anyway. I personally have not gotten used to it yet. Visual and reactionary measurements are what I thrive on. I still take measurements as a technical proof PE works. But the way my wife reacts when she sees it and feels it means more to me than what a ruler says.

Good luck to you!


1) I don’t use a rice sock.

2) I used to do kegals morning and night during my 45 minute commute. One day I had a lot on my mind and didn’t adjust my kegal time while trapped on the interstate due to a big accident. If you kegal during your commute always remember to stop kegaling if stuck for hours on the interstate.

3) Stretching + heat = less chance of hurting your self.

4)I can keep it up for hours, even days. If I so much as come within three feet of a ruler I will loose my erection.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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