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A Downside To PE


A Downside To PE

SO I’ve been here a while….lurking, PE’ing, lovin’ Thunder’s. No one can argue that this forum is much MUCH more than just about getting a bigger penis. The vast quantities of info available here are priceless.

But, I’ve come to realize a downside to PE. Well, for me, anyways.

Pretty much everyday I try and read the new posts, sometimes go over already-read posts, or search for answers to my questions. I usually do this prior to starting my PE. So, everyday, I read about gains, lack of gains, maybe view some new pictures of members making gains or starting out.

(zones out for a while, thinking)

It’s funny how ignorance CAN be bliss. During my first long-term relationship, I WAS the man. The sex was unreal. I heard a lot of “omg it feels so deep”. Performance anxiety wasn’t even part of my vocabulary. Yet.

Probably due to watching porn, I decided I wasn’t equipped like I should be. So, while still in college, I stumbled across Tom Hubbard’s old site. The seed was planted. I messed around a bit, but nothing serious. Hell, I didn’t need a 8x6 penis then. I was THE man.

To cut to the chase, I’m engaged now to a beautiful, intelligent woman. Life is grand. EXCEPT, yeah, you guessed it…..the (cough) MAN now needs that 8x6. Why? Many reasons. One, the main one, is because I know it may be possible to attain an 8x6 penis.

This is the downside I see to PE…..because I “know” that there’s guys out there packing serious pipe, and that I basically have the knowledge to attain that, but at this time I don’t (6x5, Joe Average, yup yup) and I may never get to 8x6, I now have serious anxiety when I have sex. All of a sudden I’m worried I’m not “filling her up” and that she’s not satisfied. I now worry when I’m flaccid that I may appear small compared to the rest of the guys in the locker room. Catching my drift???

I was far happier when I was ignorant.

Yeah, there’s lots of other factors in my story that relate to my state, and in NO WAY am I coming down on Thunder’s. I’m damn glad I found it, and I’ll never quit coming back here. But just knowing what I COULD have is making me anxious about what I currently have. And I’m not quite sure how to beat the negative mindset Ive found myself in.

If you procrastinate you choose LAST

Agreed to a certain extent. Ignorace of size is bliss, and in a perfect world no-one would worry about it.

Sex with my girl prior to PE was great, but since I have started (and gained 1.5” in 6 months :D ) sex has got GREAT due to increased confidence and size.

Of course I also get worried about my size, but you have to realise that most people don’t think about penis size as much as us. Your girl doesn’t either, and to her you are THE man.

Learn to be happy with yourself (I could take some of my own advice ;) ) and KNOW that you are allowing your penis to become bigger and healthier than the VAST majority of men in the world.

Join the crowd!!!

I’am a mental mess thinking about all this. I’ve gained 1/2 inch, now 7.25 x 5. But I don’t think I’ll be happy entil I’am at least 8 x 5.5.

I’am a guy that my ex told me I was small compared to others and it did a mental trip on me. So I PE like crazy (currently using a 3 on 1 off schedule) lots of jelking, stretching, and squeezes.

I guess I’ve gotten the small dick mentality and can’t seem to shake it and yes it has affected my dating life. I think once I get to 8 inch I’ll be ok but who really knows.

This small dick mentality (ignorance is bliss) is quite the psychological thing.
Goof luck to you. Montana

Re: Join the crowd!!!

Originally posted by montana
my ex told me I was small compared to others

There seems to be a corolation between one being an “ex” and saying something about “small.”


There is no downside to PE. Stop this nonsense talk.

Seriously, you would have found all this out without the forum, as you say through porn or whatever. So technically, PE is the answer to your problem, not the cause.


Deal with it.

At 6X5 you are already a hair over average. Living in ignorance and illusion has never been an option for me. The truth, no matter how bitter a pill, is always preferable. This is a part of growing up that many people avoid all of their lives. If you have the will and the testicular fortitude to face life head on there is nothing you can’t accomplish. From reading lots of posts I am sure you have found the common thread to all of the PE success stories. Every one of the old timers has grown and developed as a person, not just gotten a bigger dick. Like the song says “its your attitude”

My advise, stop measuring your pud and stop looking at member pics. Do NOT think of what size you are at all. When PEing visualize your 8”er, hell same thing when peeing.

Be ready for more disillusionment, actively seek it out, this is a good thing. Most people in this world live a lie. Your penis and PE have given you a small shaft of sunlight, momentarily banishing the comforting shadows and illusions that most consider to be reality. Don’t let this scare you, embrace it and look for other lies you have chosen to believe. You now have a HUGE advantage of 99% of the population. Most never wake up, or if they do, they run back to the comfort of their ignorance. Just think, you are starting to get a glimpse of all the things you need to improve upon. Everyone else still thinks that they are “the man”. Every day they will stay the same and every day YOU can improve a little.

I will tell you a little secret: You are not one of those that can run back to living in the shadows. Oh you could, but you would always remember that shaft of light, that glimpse of reality, and know that you were choosing to live a lie.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Of course you are correct, especially in dealing in truths and lies and blind spots.

For me I have no intentions of quitting PEing, even if I have to do it for years to come.

And this site is excellent and I appreciate all the help and support and ideas that I have received. So I plan on keep the PEing going, through good times and bad times. I will grow and I won’t quit.

Thanks for all the truth and encouragement.


That was the best advice I have ever read on this site. You have very eloquently spoken of how one should live life and not just about PE. There should be more people like you posting. It was inspirational. Thanks.



The origin of your “problem” was porn.

At least pe gives you a means to resolve your “problem”.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I taught iamaru all he knows!

but seriously folks….

Montana, for me it was quite the opposite. I have always been locker room shy - my mates occasionally teased me about my small flaccid, girls have put their hands down my pants, felt my erection and promptly said goodnight. I have had girls tell me it was “rather small, isn’t it”.

For me there has been no downside. But I’ve gained a lot more than a bigger dick.

I’ve lost the small dick syndrome. I ‘proudly’ dry myself with my back to the wall rather than facing it, EVEN if I’m not having a good flaccid day.

I KNOW I can make it bigger.

I’ve learnt that size DOES matter, the BIGGER the BETTER, and I think that’s great. And I’ve accepted that totally. I’m never going to be huge, but I’m not stopping until I’m BIGGER, and I’m doing it.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself and others, and I’ve come to ‘know’ that there are so many guys in my shoes, and that one day hopefully I will be able to speak about this in the boozer as openly as on this forum.

I started PE on a 3 month trip…and nearly 3 years later I’m still not able to see the end of the highway. just imagine if you gain, say, 1/2 inch every two years. In 6 years that’s 3 very long inches.

Stick with it buddy.


Great post Iamaru. Boy does that sound familiar. I too suffered from the “small guy” syndrom. At 5’6” tall you don’t come off as a giant, and hearing the small guy stuff for years from several wives doesn’t help. So at 63 I decided to GrowUp and do something about it. I can tell the difference in my guy’s size, looks like 1” in 2 months. The confidence it has given me has been priceless. Canwood you’ve taken the best first step that you could have by posting. You’re not alone and those that have gone before you know your pain. And yes, there is a correlation between an “ex” and saying something about being small.

Go for it …….

Start 2/1/03 FBP: L: 3.25", G:3.00" EBP: L: 5.85", G:4.25" 7/7/03 FBP: L: 5.50", G:5.25" EBP: L: 7.00", G:5.25"


I don’t know if it can be said any better than the brilliant words of iamru.

Let me add this.

If you want it, for whatever reason, you can get it.

I am the poster boy for mental penis illness. I have felt that mine has been small from the start, and at 5.5 bpel, it was small.

WAS is the key word. I am now at 8.3 bpel after 15 months of hard work. AND, I’m still gaining.

I never had a woman tell me that it was small, although, if one had told me that, I am positive that I would have reacted just as you did. Consider it a blessing that you got that extra motivation. Now you are going to get a bigger dick!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

“It’s funny how ignorance CAN be bliss. During my first long-term relationship, I WAS the man. The sex was unreal. I heard a lot of “omg it feels so deep”. Performance anxiety wasn’t even part of my vocabulary. Yet.”


As iamaru so eloquently pointed out, coming into knowledge can be a trap of sorts. Alternatively, like Guiri and me, you just sort of grow up within the slump of size anxiety.

A serious reminder for you:

You were The Man and you had that “unreal” sex with your six incher, not with an eight incher. Implied in your post and in others I’ve read here at Thunder’s is that this sudden size anxiety somehow requires a temporary retirement from sex until we get to some size when we can then do it “right.”

This is completely irrational thinking.

Sex doesn’t become any less fun along the road to PE. It just becomes more fun as you have gradually more to play with and learn better ways of using what you are gaining.

Will women find you any less attractive because you know, inside _your own head_ that you’re not 8 x 6? If you believe that you need to give yourself a reality check.

Get your ass off the Little Me couch and into circulation.

And keep posting. Look at all the interest you aroused in just one post in just one day. (Never mind you might have gained a milimeter in the time it took you to write it :-)



very well put, reminds me of my own paths of thinking. And ignorance truly is bliss (not only when it comes to dick size), but I wouldn´t go back from reality for anything in the world, even if it makes me a less merry fella´.

Take care,

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