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A days rest

A days rest

Hey everyone!

I usually take a day off between my sessions for healing…but im starting to take interest in a 2 day on, one day off rutine.

My question is, if i a rutine on a monday at noon, do i have to wait till anytime on wednesday before i can do it again? Or can i do another session on tuesday as long as its after 12:00pm (noon)?

Thanks guys, its always kinda bothered me haha.


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No need to stress about it, my friend. Just do it when it’s most convenient. Yes, rest is important for growth, but a few hours missing in rest here and there isn’t going to cost you anything. The way I see it is that as long as you commit yourself to a certain routine for an extended period of time, then everything else will fall into place.

Hours are insignificant. Your body does all of it’s tissue healing at night while you sleep. The number of nights is all that is important.

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Rest on injuries...

I’m with DLD in this issue.

I believe resting/taking days off is only necessary when you injure your dick.

Occasionally I find that I cannot fit jelqing into some of my busy days, but I stretch every single day no matter what.

Eight hours of sleep overnight seems to be enough repair work for the penis, in my opinion at least.

Agree with j384.

Besides, healing takes place all the time perhaps with “increased speed” during night time.


How good have your results been by not having resting days?

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Well DLD has grown I think over 5”…thats what someone told me anyways. Dont know how long hes been PEing but I would imagine over a year. Im currently going on a 1 day off program with 6 workout days. Sometimes I feel like my lil guy needs a good day’s rest. Dont YOU want a days rest? What would he say if he could talk?!!! He’d be pretty upset I bet, probably pissed off about constant pressure on his head….giving him a headache every single day, what a life….heehee….talking penis *goes into imaginary world*

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